Friday, December 2, 2011





[Dr. Michael Mosley in BBC talks on "Anatomical Clues to Human Evolution from Fish".]


Extracts from his talk are reproduced below in support of his theory:


It seems strange that humans have evolved from fish, but the evidence can be found not just in fossils but also with our own bodies.


The following observations can be made if one watches the video picture of the face developing from one month old embryo of humans to an age of 10 weeks. If you watch closely, you will see that the human face is actually formed from three main sections which rotate and come together in an unborn fetus.


The early human embryo looks very similar to the embryo of any other mammal, bird or amphibian all of which evolved from fish.


The way this happens only really makes sense when you realize that strange though it may sound we are actually descended from fish:


  1. Your eyes start out on the sides of your head, but then move to the middle.


  2. The top lip along with the jaw and palate started life as a gill-like structures on your neck


  3. Your nostrils and the middle part of your lip come down from the top of your head



[First Incarnation of Vishnu was Fish. That took place on Kaartik Poornima Day. There is a strong belief among Hindus that Ten Incarnations depict that humans have evolved from Fish. Progressively we can see the first evolution of man in the fifth incarnation of Vishnu, Vaamana Avataara, a dwarf human being which got progressively perfected in the Avataara of Rama, a perfect human being.]