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Classified Discourses posted on the Blog Hindu Reflections


Dear BLOG Participants

I often find readers, struggling through my long list of discourses, are at last able to wade through and pick up a topic of their interest. This I know from the comments I receive.  My discourses were delivered directly to limited audience and also through Internet as and when I picked up a subject of my own interest or when I got motivated by a religious event or attracted to a spiritual, philosophical or cultural subject. They are therefore not posted in an orderly fashion subject based. I have still few more discourses to be completed before calling it a day.   It will be around 315 discourses resulting in a huge blog unique of its kind for which I have received many compliments from my readers. I am also grateful that so far there had been not one negative comment but only positive contributions. I do not  wish to discomfort my readers  anymore who wish to pick up a discourse of their interest. I am therefore posting my classified list of discourses on the blog which also indicates   the month and year along with the title.  I will however update it when I add a new subject. I am sure you will appreciate this service of mine. Some of the Bloggers who are on my mailing list are already aware of it. I thought of doing this after completing my mission, but I felt  at present  it will benefit those who  find my blog through several channels available in the Internet and struggle hard, to find the subject of their interest, whose number is increasing.

Topics in Sections L & M reveal the inter-connection of all faiths and the growing need in today’s world for interfaith dialogue. They   provide a source of light, a translucent pool of wisdom that offers from its depths an immense and lasting spiritual vision. My discourses especially in L & M should inspire all Hindu Americans to spread the message of Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Tradition) and Universal Oneness which Swami Vivekanada dreamed about and for which worked hard. Sanatana Dharma gave birth to many need-based religions including Hinduism as is practiced today focusing on things each felt as essential based on their culture and spiritual level.

Looking at the divergent spiritual practices Bhagavadgeetaa also felt World needs many religions, cults and deities but it should all lead one to tranquility, happiness and equanimity. It therefore did not prescribe any ritual or mode of worship.  We should all perceive God is present equally in all beings and also treat all beings equally.  Sanatana  Dharma  prescribes  the  four goals  of  human life as:  Doing ]one' s duty; Earning wealth; Material and Sensual Enjoyment with  senses under control; and attaining salvation by spiritual elevation.

I  have dealt on this particular subject under reference to a limited extent mainly focusing on Christianity where we conflate or conflict which religion I had studied during my school days which by coincidence is the major culture of USA with which we often interact in our day-to-day life including inter-racial marriages and parenthood. Please see my discourses under L and M of the Classified List of Subjects.  I have also lightly touched upon   Quran,   Buddhism, Jainism, Sufi Philosophy, Judaism, Atheism etc., here and there in my various discourses.    I once thought of bringing forth all my discourses in a book format on “Hinduism and Its influence on World Religions” but gave it up because of my own limitations and constraints. Such a work is needed for the present   agitated world torn with religious conflicts, killings in the name of religion and environmental devastation in the name of growth and prosperity.  We need to understand each other and our followings as recommended by scriptures in true perspective to establish peace in the world and enjoy it. For this we need first understand our own religious practices with the background of Manava Dharma and Sanatana Dharma.  That is why I have spent lot of time assimilating and disseminating knowledge on  Hinduism covering its various aspects: Hindu Festivals; Rituals;  Hindu Samskaaras; Upanishads and Geetaa; Yajna, Homa and Mantras in Hindu Worship; Hindu Philosophy  and    Philosophers; Temple, Temple Worship and Pilgrim Centers; Hindu Culture;  Relevant  topics on Hinduism; Spirituality etc., besides focusing on cross cultures where they conflate and conflict as well as the adaptability of the major culture with which we live by Hindu   values  of sharing and caring. publishes a collection of articles on Hinduism, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Vaastu, Vedic Astrology, and the spiritual culture of India. They also want us to spread the message of Hinduism, Hindu culture and Sanatana Dharma through various media like Facebook, Twitter and others. I therefore thought it appropriate to add some of these articles to relevant discourses that  I revise when needed. I usually introduce my discourses through an informative   E-mail to my active global participants who are on my mailing list that the Blog registered and Blog readers miss. If you wish to be on the list please send an E-mail to I acknowledge their fantastic service and bow my head to  IndiaDivine.Org and the various contributors  in gratitude.


N.R. Srinivasan


1.  Ganesha (Janma) Chaturthi (August 2011)
2.  Naming ceremony of Man-Elephant God   (Sept 2011)
3.  Prologue on Upaakarma Rites (September 2011)
4.  Navaraatri, Kolu (Festival of Dolls) and Dussera   (Sept 2011)
5.  Krishna Janmaashtami   (Oct 2011)
6.  Deepaavali or Divaali, the Festival of Lights (Oct 2011)
7.  Uttana Dwaadasi and Tulasi Pooja (Nov 2011)
8.  Kartigai Deepam—Kaartik Poornima (Dec 2011)
9.  Geetaa Jayanti (Dec. 2011)
10.  Makara Sankraanti (Jan 2012)
11. Vasanta Panchami (Jan 2012)
12. Ratha Saptami  (Jan 2012)
13. Thai poosam (Feb 2012)
14. Maha Sivaratri (Feb 2012)
15. Phaalguna Poornima Festivals (March 2012)
16. Karadiyan Nonbu and Vata Savitri Vrat (March 2012)
17. Panguni Uttiram (March 2012)
18. Souramaana (Solar) New Year Day—(April 2012)
19. Chittirai Poornima Festival (May 2012)
20. Jagannatha of Puri and Ratha Yaatra (June 2012)
21. Guru Poornima Celebration (June 2012)
22. Onam Festival of Kerala (August 2012)
23. Dattatreya Jayanti (October 2012)   
24. Spring Festivals of Vasanta   Navaraatri and Others (March 2012)
25. Akshaya Triteeya and Philosopher’s Fortnight (April 2012)
26. Sraavan Poornima Ceremonies and Festivals (August 2013)
27. Ganapati Visarjanam (Sept 2013)  
28. Elephant Festival of Iyengars of Karnataka (Nov 2013)
29. A Festival named after Food and worshiped as Food—Pongal of Tamils (Jan 2014)
30. Why do we Revere Ramayana or Sunderkand   Paaraayana or Path?  (April 2014)
31. Kartikai Deepam Festival of South India (December 2014)
32. Chandramana Yugadi and  Panchangam (Almanac)  (March 2015)
33.  Sraavan Purnima is Ideal for Mass Worship by All Traditions like Diwali (August2015)
34. Kumbhamela--The Largest Religious Mass on Earth
3 5 . Dakshinaayana and Aadi Festivals of Tamil Nadu (July 2015)
36. Squeezing the Ears in Ganesha Worship (August 2011
1.  Sani Peyarchi –Saturn’s Transit through our Birth Charts (Dec 2011)
2.  Vaikuntha Ekadasi (Dec 2011)
3.  Natya with Nataraja on Aaaridraa Night—Aaridra Darisinam (Jan 2012)
4.  Bheeshma Ekadasi and Vishnu Sahasranaama (Jan 2012)
5.  Pradosham, Its significance (Feb 2012)
6.  Kalyanotsava Cermony for the Lord in Temples   (Feb 2012)
7.  Kumbhaabhishekam (Feb 2012)
8.  Varalakshmi Vratam (July 2012)
9.   Garuda Panchami and Naga Panchami (July 2012)
10. Gowri Triteeyaa, Swarna Gowri Vratam (Sept 2012)
11. Mahalaya Paksha—Hindu Memorial Fortnight (Sept 2012)
12. Kedara Gowri Vrata, Worship of Devi as Sakti of Siva (September 2012)
13. Obeisance to Sun God (Soorya Namaskaaram) [Jan 2012]

1. Hindu Samskaaras (Sept 2011)
2. Hindu Baby Shower (Sept 2011)
3. Upanayana (Sept. 2011)
4. Hindu Rites for the Deceased Parents and ancestors (Sept 2011)
5. Namakaranam Ritual--Hindu Naming Ceremony (March 2014)
6. Vivaaham—Hindu Braahma Sacred Matrimony (June 2014)
7. Hindu views on Conception and Childbirth, and Nisheka Samskara (July 2014)
8. Maangalya  Dhaaranam and Sumangali Kriya in Hindu Wedding (September 2014)
9. What do we learn from the Institution of Marriage in Hindu Ancient Culture? (September 2014)
10. Hindu Samskaaras performed by Parents on their children (July 2014)
11. What is Pancha Samskaara? (August 2015)

1.       Eternal Dharma in 18 Chapters of Geetaa  (august 2011)
2.       Wisdom of Vedanta in Geetaa Forty   (Aug 2011)
3.       Shataslokee Geetaa    (Aug 2011)
4.       Upanishads and Their Basic Thoughts   (Aug 2011)
5.       Prologue on Upanishadic  Studies  (Aug 2011)
6.       Upanishads’ Perception—Life and After  (August 2011)
7.       Ultimate Values of Upanishads  (August 2011)
8.       Epilogue on Sri Ganesha  Atharvaseersha Upanishad (Sept 2011)
9.       Kaivalya Upanishad on Upaasana (Oct 2011)
10.  Kaivalya Upanishad Mantras (Oct 2011)
11. The Yajna in Purusha sookta (Oct 2011)
12. What do the Odd and Even Numbers in Chamakam signify? (January 2012)
13. Prologue on Mahanarayana Upanishad (Feb 2012)
14. Knowledge of Brahman and Prayer Mantras on Brahman (Feb 2012)
15. Vedanta Terms of Tattva Bodha   (April 2012)
16. Divine Doctrines from Bhagavadgeetaa (August 2012)
17. Ganapati Atharvaseersha Upanishat Mantras (Sept 2012)
18. Da, Da, Da, from Brihadarnyaka Upanishad (Sept 2012)
19. The Vedic Hymn that Hypnotized the World Gathering—Inaugural Recording of HMV (Feb 2013)
20. Samvatsara is Prayed as Braahman in Mantrapushpas (April 2013)
 21. Gayatree Mantras for Meditation on Chosen Deities (May 2013)
22. Mahavaakyas of Upanishads Reverberate in Maneesha Panchakam of Sankara (Sept 2013)
23. Invocation and Conclusion Mantras for worship from Upanishads and Vedas (Sept 2013)
24. Aapo vaa idam Sarvam—Verily it is all Water; It is Brahman (January 2014)
25. Elusive 33 Odd and 48 Even Number endings in Chamakam of Sri Rudram (April 2014)
26. Hindus   find Omnipresent Brahman in Light as well as In Darkness (May 2014)
27. Geetaa unmistakably bears the influence of Upanishads, especially Katha (August 2014)
28. Geetaa’s Teachings and Advice for Salvation (August 2014)
29. Geetaa is Yogopanishad—It is not a Novel of War and Peace, Nor a   Religious Book, Nor a Biography……….(Dec 2014)
30. Steadfast Wisdom and Genuine Devotion Lead to Perennial Joy (January 2016)
31. Judicious Blending of Pravritti and Nivritti Leads to Sreyas (February  2016)
32. Amritabindu Upanishad  (March 2016)
33 Ancient Vaivasvata Yogasastra Available to us as Bhagavad Gita (March 2016)
34. Easavasyopanishad_The Load Star of All Upanishads (June 2016)
35. Aitreyaopanishad  of Mahidasa from the Hut of the Slum (Sept. 2016)
36. Mandookya Upanishad--Cornerstone of Advaita Philosophy and Pancharatra
Theology (March 2017)
37.  Gems of Wisdom  and  Knowledge from Vedas and Upanishads (June 2017)

1. Sri Ganesha (August 2011)
 2.  How Gajavadana Restored by Siva with Two Tusks  became Ekadanta (August 2011)
 3. Gajaanana—Siva and Parvati Creation (Sept 2011)
 4. Aandal (Kodai), Incarnation of Bhoodevi (Nov 2011)
 5. Subhramanya (Kartikeya; Murugan) (Dec 2011)
 6. Navagraha Devatas--Nine Planetary Hindu Deities (Dec 2011)
 7. Aiyappan (Jan 2012)
 8. Linga and Salagrama (Feb 2012)
 9. Symbolism of Hindu Temples and Popular Deities (Feb 2012)
10. Durga, the Inaccessible (March 2012)
11. Hanuman (March 2012)
12. Vishnu’s Incarnation as Narasimha (May 2012)
13. Revelation of Rama Avatar as Full Manifestation (Oct 2013)
14. Concurrent, co-existent, Intrusive and varied Constituents of Dasaavatar  (Oct 2013)
15. Water deities of Hindus (Jan 2014)
16. Exposition of Vishnu in the Background of Paancharatra Theology (April 2014)
17. Srividya; Sri Lalita and Baalaa Tripuraa   (Nov 2011)
18. Hindu Concept of Devi (Goddess) (Nov 2011)
19. Is it Buddha or Bauddha in Dasaavataara? (April 2012)
20. Historic Buddha is an Avatar of Vishnu, why not then Jina? (April 2012)
21. Concept of Divine Incarnations in Hindu Theology (May 2012)
22. Vishwaksena (August 2012)
23. Hayagreeva Avatar Reposted and Rendered Vedas to Humanity (March 2015)
24. Enigmatic Hindu Gods Asvins who influenced Western Culture (Jan 2015)
 25. Vaamana--Trivikrama, the Dwarf and  the  Gigantic Avatar of Vishnu (September 2015)
26. Narayana--God to Worship and Brahman to  Meditate (October 2015)
27. Worship of Sarasvati, Goddess of Wisdom. and learning (October 2015)
28.  Dhanvantari--Hindu God of Hope, Health and Healing (October 2015)
29. Sudarsana Chakra and Sudarsana Yajna and Homas (June 2015)
30. Kaalabhairava--Siva the Custodian of Times (December 2015)
31. Matsyanarayana Avatar (April 2016)
32. Panduranga Vitthala of Pandharpur (July 2016)
33. Venkateswara is Skanda that is Santkumara w Who Casts Mystic Spell on Millions (December 2016)
34. Eternal Youth Sanatkumara or Skanda is worshiped by All Faiths
 (December 2016)
 35.  Nirrti, the Presiding Deity of Mula Nakshatra & Dikpalaka

1.  Devistuti    (Sept 2011)
2.  Saptaslokee Durga (Sept 2011)
3.  Vedic Prayer Mantras Seeking Immortality (Oct 2011)
4.  Purusha Sookta Homam (Oct 2011)  
5.  Rama-Krishna Mantra is Simple and Effective for Meditation (Oct 2013)
6.  Yajnas--the Vedic Fire sacrifices (October 2011)
7.  Navaakshari and Tripurasundari Homas (Oct 2011)
8.  The Yajna in Purusha Sookta (Oct 2011)
9.  Some Vedic   Mantras used in Hindu Worship and Rituals (Feb 2012)
10. Sri Venkatesa Sahasranaaama Stotram  (Feb 2013)  
11. Venkatesa Sahasra Naamaavali-Prayer to the Lord of the Hills (Feb 2013)
12. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantras for Salvation in Kaliyuga (April 2013)
13. Shoedasa Upachaara Pooja—16 Steps Worship (Aug 2013)
14. Part I—Praatah  Sandhyaavavandanam—Worship Meet (July 2013)
15. Part II—Maadhyaahneekam—Mid-day Prayer (July 2013)
16. Part III—Saayam Sandhyaavandanam—Evening Prayer (July 2013)
17.  Mantras and Hymns for Temple and Home Worship (Aug 2013)
18. Some Customary Rituals in Lord’s worship (Feb 2012)
19. Praanaayaama and Gaayatree Mantras—(Dec 2013)
20. Sooktas from Mahanarayana Upanishad (Feb 2012)
21. Homa Mantras from Mahanarayana Upanishad (Feb 2012)
22. Prologue to Sandhyaavandana Rituals of Hindus October 2014)
23. Upaakarma Kamokarsheet Expiation Homa Mantra is for All (August 2014)
24. Introducing Sri Lalita Sahasranaamam (Oct 2014) 
25. Relevance of Upaakarma Ceremony as Special Religious Event in Hindu Temples (August 2016)
26. In Praise  and Worship of Primordial Energy--Parsakti-I     (September 2016) 
27.                                      ,,                               Part II              (September 2016)
28.                                      ,,                               Part III            (September 2016)
29.                                      ,,                               Part IV            (September 2016)
30. Concluding Sloka-Prayers  in Hindu worship                             (April 2017)



1. Madhava and his Philosophy of Dvaita (Jan 2012)
2,  Basveswara, the Philosopher Forgotten ( April 2012)
3.  Vishishtaadvaita Philosophy of Ramanuja (April 2012)
4.  Philosophy Schools of Hinduism (April 20120
5.  Epilogue on Discourses of Hindu Philosophy Schools (May 2012)
6. Birth of  Sri Ramanujacharya  and Cause for His Descent (Jan. 2018)
7. Life of Sri Ramanujacharya (January 2018)
8. Teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya (January 2018)
9. The Parting Message Sri Ramanujacharya (Januaery 2018)
10. Ramanuja's Rediscovey of Para Tattva as Vishnu Tattva (January 2018)

1.  Some pilgrim centers visited in India (Sept 2011)
2.  Prologue on Pilgrim centers we visited (Sept 2011)
3.  Prologue on Hindu Mass Worship in Temples (Jan 2012)
4.  Hindu Mass Worship in Temples and the Need for Spiritual Focus (Jan 2012)
5.  Divine Character of Hindu Temples in Concept and design (Feb 2012)
6.  Hindu Traditional Practices for Temple Worship (Feb 2012)
7.  Prologue to Pradosha and Sivaraatri Worships (February 2012)
8.  Upaasana—Moorti  Poojaa or Image Worship (March 2013)
9.  One Hindu Temple -Complex for Many Traditions Overseas- (June 2013)
10. Motivation behind the  modality of Ceremonial Aaraadhana (May   2012)
11. Ganesha Worship—Origin and Popularity (August 2011)
12. Multi-traditional Hindu Temples in USA Need focus on Spirituality and Deities to Suit All                                                                          (July 2015)
13. Amazing Temples  and Thrilling Revelations                       (November 2016)
14. Hindu Temple Traditions--Building, consecrating and Worshiping
                                                                                                 (May 2017)
15. The One God, Vedic Deities and Grahas that Suit All Traditions (August 2017)
16.  Understanding Hindu Scriptures & Worships to Spiritually Advance (October 2017)
17. Let us consolidate our Temple Traditions Started by Adi Sankara (December 2016)
18. Hindu Temples & Worships are  Based on Deep Science  
(March 2018)
19. Temple  Plays an important Role in Hindu-way of life (June 2018)
20.  The Ancient Science of Temple Architecture called Sthapathya Kalaa
(July 2018)  
1.    Administration, Economics, Health-care and Justice Promoted by Vedic culture (Sept 2011)
2.    Prologue on Complex Hindu Caste System (Sept 2011)
3.   Complex   Caste System of Hindus (Sept 2011)
4.   Hindu Education System through the Ages (Sept 2011)
5.    Early and medieval Hindus Contribution to Science and Technology (Sept. 2011)
6.    Rangoli and Kolam (Oct 2011)
7.    Hindu Diet Codes, Scriptural Sanctions and Ethics (Oct 2011)
8.    Women in Hindu Society through the Ages (Nov 2011)
9.    Abhivadanam, Gotras and Charan Spars (Feb 2012)
10.  Origin and   Growth of Fine Arts of Hindus (Oct 2011)
11.  Some Random Thoughts on Age-long Hindu Traditions (Oct 2012)
12.  Prologue on Hindu cultural Discourses (Sept 201)
13. Hindu woman in the Realm of Religion (March 2015)
14. Modern Science in Hindu Scriptures--Mostly Accurate, Minim Wrong (January 2016)
15. Early Vedic Literature (Sept 2011)
16.  How old is Hinduism and How it measures Time? (Oct 2011)
17. Orthodox and Historic Dates of Hindu Scriptures, Events and Personalities of India-(Dec 2011)
18. How can be the Wrong History of Ancient India Corrected? (April 2012)
19. Sanskrit Language is Divine, Is Tamil too? (September 2014)
20. Is Sanskrit of Hindu or Indian origin? (September 2015)
21. Why I am Called Hindu and my Following Hinduism? (November 2015)

1.  Manu and his Smriti [Ethical Codes of Manu] (Sept 2011)
2.  Ayurveda Knowledge of Longevity of Life (Sept 2011)
3.  Units of Time measurement, Breath and Cosmology (Oct 2011)  
4.  Hindu Calendar (Oct 2011)
5.  Japa Yoga (Oct 2011)
6.  Evolution of Bhaktimaarga (Oct 2011)
7. Mythology, Itihasas and Puranas (Nov 2011)
8. Hindu Rituals and Mythology (Nov 2011)
9. Can We believe all that is Said about Time And Creation? (Dec 2011)
10. Goswaami Tulsidas and Raamacharitmanas (March 2012) 
11 Can Hindu Scriptures and Sciences   Agree on Theories   of Evolution (Feb 2013)                        
12. Hastinapura, the City of Wisdom near Buenos Aries (Oct 2013)
13.  Bhajan—Open Expression of Love and Devotion to God—(Nov 2013)
14. Let Us Pass on Memories and Riches with Wisdom to Our Children- (Dec 2013)
15. Smaarta Tradition Springs from Sankara’s Five-in-one Worship for All Hindus (March 2014)
16. Why Temple Outside Praakaara Walls Are Painted Reda White? (Feb 2014)
17. Whose Abhishekam are we Watching on Mahasivaratri?—(Feb 2014)
18. Abhishekam Outflows are Sacred; Treat them with respect (Feb 2014)
19. Ashtaanga Yoga of Pataanjali (Oct 2011)
20. Why Krishna Got Blame for Syamantaka Jewel (Sept. 2011)
21. Did Vajasaneyee Samhita inspire Horse worship in   All Cultures? (Feb 2015
22.  Holy Cow of Ancient Culture now Food for Many; still revered by Hindus (Jan 2015)
23. "Know Hunger and Act" is a Collective Responsibility and Hindu Dharma (Jan 2015)
24. Science, Spirituality and Religions--Do They Conflate or Conflict?(April 2015)
25. I made my Day to Interest  You in the  Blog Hindu Reflections(June 2015)
26. What Constitutes Jagannatha Parivaara and why Nrusingha Yajna before Nirmaan (July 2015)
27. Heaven, Hell and Liberated World of Hinduism ( September 2015)
28.  Classified Discourses Posted on the Blog Hindu Reflections (March 2015)
29. Thinking of Mother Earth on Mother's Day ( May 2015)
30. Modern Science in Hindu Scriptures Mostly Accurate, Minim Wrong  January (2016)
31. Love is the Binding Force of the Universe, calls for Celebration by All Cultures (Feb 2016)
32. The Mystic 12 Vaishnava Saints of South India--Aazhwars (May 2016)
33. Vedanta Religion--Everlasting,universal and  Unifying Spirituality (May 2016)
34. Hindu Religious Wedding should follow Simplicity/Spirituality of Seetaa-kalyaanam(June 2016)
35. Why Navagraha Altars are absent in Vishnu Temples? (June 2016)
36. In Praise of   Parasakti Primordial Energy and Material Prosperity  Parts I-IV (September 2016)
37.  Jagannatha Murthi Upaasana was advised by Srirama to Vibhishana (October 2016)
38.Vishnu Sahasranama Crystal- recording   Then and  Rigveda  Mantra plate recording by HMV  Now  (March 2017)
39. The Vedic Hymn that Hypnotized World Gathering (February 2013)
40. Darbha--The sacred Grass in Hindu Worship  (April 2017)
41. Random Thoughts on Aavesa and the Belief in the  Magic Cures (2017)

42.Why Hindus Worship Trees  (October 2016)
43. Introducing forthcoming Discourses on Skanda, Balaji and Universal Oneness (November 2016)
44. A Critical Study of Eclipses and (the Great Solar eclipse of 2017 (July 2017)
45. Vedic Astrology Guides our Horoscopes; Astrologers our Horrorscopes (August 2017)
46. Know the Deity of Your Birthstar in Vedic Astrology and its Influence (August 2017)
 47. The One God, Vedic Deities and Grahas that Suit All Traditions (August 2017)
48. Hindu Scriptures Deify Vital Feelings, Obstacles,  Misfortune and Diseases (September 2017)
49. Gradual Decline in Vedic Traditions, Gods and Gurus in Present Day Hinduism (February 2018) 
50. Ramayana is an Itihasa (Epic) Based on  Vedas (May 2018)



1.  Sanaatana Dharma is for the World, Not for Hindus Alone- (Jan 2012)
2.   Darasanodaya (Exposition) of Vishnu Sahasranaama (July 2012)
3.  Word Dharma, what it Means (August 2012)
4.  Visualizing Divinity in Numbers (Sept 2012)
5.  Early Vedic Thoughts on Brahman and Creation (Feb 2013)
6.  Praana and Punarjanma—Life’s Vital Forces and Reincarnation (Feb 2013)
7.  Doctrine of Karma (Action and Reaction) in Hinduism (March 2013)
8.  Trigunas, Three Strands of Cosmic Energy [Sattva, Rajas and Tamas] (Nov 2013)
9.  Food Varieties to Celebrate and Food Entity to Worship (Feb 2014)
10. Your Worship is not complete without Meditation on Brahman (March 2014)
11. Is Indian National Flag Secular or Spiritual (August 2014)
12. Sreechakra of Sri Lalita and Brahmachakra of Parbrhaman (October 2014)
13. Why Hindus Resort to Enigmatic 108 and 1008 Names of Deity for Worship? (Nov 2014)
14. Need to Know Deeper Meanings of Mantras Used in Worships and Rituals(Nov. 2014)
15. Meditation is to go beyond Thinking into Higher Consciousness (Nov 2014)
16. One who Follows Dharma will be Sustained by Dharma (Feb 2015)
17. Enigmatic  OM and Why Hindus Consider It Sacred? (May 2015)
18. Kundalinee Power--Powerful Enigmatic Force in the Human Body (May 2015)
19. Environmental Harmony and Peace needs Spiritual Support (August 2011.
20. Uncommon understanding of the Unknown--His Controllers   and Their Worship (April 2016)
21.  Hindus are Most Suited to Promote Spirituality the World Needs Today
(July 2016).
22. Who Am I--I Am Not the Body, The Body is Not for Me   (January 2016).
23. Nashville Seminar on Understanding the Self--Who Am I   (January 2017)
24.  A Critical Study of the Self and the Supreme      (January 2017)
25. Nirvanashatkam-"Via  Negative" Approach to Understand the Supreme (February 2017)
26.  The Supreme is Anantha that is Bhuma, Plentitude                (February 2017)
27. Be a Yogi, become Yati and be Blessed  to be Liberated            (August 2016)
28. Understanding Sanatana Dharma as Foundation of Hindu religion (September 2016)
29. Samsaara (Human Entanglements in Life) and Mukti (Liberation) from it
(June 2016)
30. Introducing Swami Chidananda's 18 Facets of Meditation from Scriptures (July 2017)
 31.  Microcosmic Human Body Springs out of Macrocosm  Virat  Purusha 
(May 2017)

32. Bhriguvidya, The Knowledge of Brahman                    (October  2017)
33. Understanding Hindu Scriptures & Worship to Spiritually Advance
                                                                                            (October 2017)
34. Where does Jeevaatm Travel After So Called Death                    (November 2017)
35. Phenomenon of Rebirth and Its Knotty Problems                 (November 2017)
36. The Parable of the Chariot--Yoking the Self with the Supreme  
(Dec. 2017)
37. The Legacy of Vedic-yoga in Svetasvatara Upanishd                  
(Dec. 2017) 
38. Wisdom of Vedas Prompts the Need for Spiritual Education (Dec.2017)
39. Do you Wish to Rise or Fall (May 2018)
40. Hindu Thoughts on Happiness--An Inrinic Quality of Human Nature (May 2018) 


1. Wisdom of Geeta’s Teaching  and Bible’s Preaching (August 2011)
2. Christianity Echoes Wisdom Thoughts of Eternal Tradition (DEC 2011)
3. US court says Atheism is a Religion; Hindu Sanatanists say Hinduism is not a Religion (Oct 2013)
4. “In God We Trust“,   “E Pluribus Unum” and “Satyameva Jayate” (March 2012)
5. Samhain Eve—Spiritual alternative to Halloween Night (Oct 2013)
6. Did Holy Blazing Fire and Bizarre Colors inspire Christianity and Color Run? (April 2014)
7. Hindu Reflections on Mating season Festival that inspired St. Valentine’s Religious Festival (Feb 2014)     8. Hindu Reflections on Eclipses and Blood Moon (April 2014)
9. Satanic Nine/Eleven and Spiritual Nine/Eleven (September 2014)
10. How Religious Valentine’s Day can be Adapted by Hindu Mode of worship) (Feb 2015)
11.  Vedic Soma Yajnas and their  Imprint on Christian Eucharist Rituals (October 2015)
12. International Yoga day and the Legacy of Yoga to Mankind (June 2015)
13. Let us Foster and Spread the Message of Peace around the World (January 2014)
14. Did Bharatiyas  Help  the Growth of Christianity  ( December 2014)


1.  Thanksgiving Day Celebration in Hindu Temples of America (Nov 2011)
2.  Festival of Lights—Ancient in Tradition; Universal in Appeal (Dec 2011)
3.  January 1—Hindu American Worship in Temples (Dec 2011)
4.  Hindu American Perception of Mother’s day Celebration (May 2012)
5.  Wise Advice and Prayers from Vedas for Graduation Day Celebration (May 2012)
6.  Hindu American Way of Father’s Day Celebration (Pitru devo bhava) (June 2012)
7.  Graduation Day Worship in North American Hindu Temples (June 2013)
8.   Father’s day Worship in American Churches and Hindu Temples (June 2013)
9.  Hindu American Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 2013)
10. Hindu Reflections on Christmas-tree and Lighting (Dec 2013)
11. Why do Hindus rush to Temples to Celebrate New Year? (Dec 2013)
12. Mother’s day—A Day for Veneration and Worship ( May 2014)
13. Philosophically Thinking about Father’s Day (June 2014)
14. Hindu American Way of Labor Day Celebration (Sept 2012)
15. Thoughts on Earth Day from Hindu Reflections (May 2013)
16. Hindu American Thoughts on Grand Parent’s Day (Sept 2013)
17. West Meets East Traditions during Spiritual Deepaavali Season (Nov 2013)
18. Thinking of Transcendental Pi and Brahman on March 14 [American Pi Day] (March 2014)
19. Let Us Center Ourselves Widening Our Vision of Festival of Lights (Dec 2014)
20. Thinking of Mother Earth on Mother's Day (May 2015)
21. Hindu American Religious and Philosophical Thoughts about Father's Day (June 2015)
22. Hindu worship of Weapons, Tools and Universal Crafts Person led to Labor Day Celebrations (October 2013)


1. Thoughts of the Day (January 2017)
2. Exclusive E-Mails of Hindu Reflections (January 2017)
3. Thoughts of the Day --First Quarter 2017    (July 2017)
4. Thoughts of the Day--Second Quarter  2017 (August 2017)
5. Thought of the Day--Third Quarter--July 2017    (October 2017)
6.  Thought of the Day--Third Quarter--Aug & Sept 2017  (October 2017)
7. Introducing Festivals & Rituals Posted on Hindu Reflections 
(February 2018 )
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10. Introducing Hindu Culture  discourses Posted on Hindu reflecrtions (March 2018)
11. Introducing Hinduism Discourses Posted on Hindu Reflections (March 2018)
12. Introducing Spiritual discourses Posted on Hindu Reflections (April 2018)
13. Introducing Discourses on Hinduism's Interaction with Major Cultures of     USA (April 2018)  
14. Thought of the Day--Second Quarter (July2018)


These discourses are    compilations from the references indicated in each discourse    as well as other sources as  prepared lectures for delivering at Vedanta Class of Sri Ganesha Temple, Nashville. TN, USA.  I do not claim anything as original though I have included   my explanations and comments elaborately suitably editing. Anybody is free to download  partly or fully any discourse from the blog Hindu Reflections <>  modify and redistribute for spreading the wisdom of Vedas and scriptures further WITH SIMPLE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.  These  lectures are  posted on the blog for the benefit of those who are not able to attend my lectures due to personal reasons or due to not living in Nashville or able to go through the various sources as I have done. This  note applies to all my discourses posted on the Blog though I have not added this note in all my discourses. Please also see my posting "I have made my day"                                                                                                 

Some Words of Appreciation Out of Several Hundreds  Received


"You are quite right to bring these researches to the attention of the Hindu community.  The implications are huge.  Not mentioned below are some other trends in the data, in addition to the decline in the number of people identifying with mainstream Christianity: an increase of interest among Christians and Jews in the mystical, or meditative, aspects of their traditions that were long hidden away; an increase in people who seek spiritual wisdom from a variety of sources; an increase in people who call themselves “Spiritual But Not Religious.”  In my talks, and in “American Veda,” I make the case that this is a direct result of access to Sanatana Dharma through gurus, swamis, yogacharyas, etc. We are becoming what I call a nation of yogis.  People acquired the notion of regular sadhana and practical methods to add direct experience to their spiritual lives.

There is no doubt much for Hindus in America  to contemplate in all this. Like Christians and Jews, future generations of Hindus may not go to temples just because their ancestors did, except for rites of passage and holidays (like Christians who show up only on Easter and Christmas).  They will want to know WHY  rituals are done before doing them, and will want teachings and practices that directly enrich their lives and elicit the spiritual experience that rishis pointed to.   At least that is what I surmise in my own research and conversations.

                                                                                        --Phil Goldberg, Author of American Veda


“You have so much wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience inherited from your good family.  Many of your writings can be made as theses for the Masters and Doctorate degrees in any university.  Legally, you should have copy-righted your writings but you did not.  Rather generously you have dedicated them to the public and asked them to spread everywhere the  growth of Hinduism. Only Kanchi  Periyaval (Chandrasekahreendra Sarasvati) did that and nobody else”
 --Prof G. Nagarajan from Nashville, TN

“I am elated to see the nice compliment-It is well deserved. Copy righting is for those who seek worldly gains-not for the spiritually evolved persons like you. The grateful remembrances by avid readers will provide  greater satisfaction.”

--BRG Iyengar from India

Thanks for your wonderful contributions to our society.  Your articles on Hinduism are of great value with in-depth analysis.
--Nagarajan fromNashville, TN

Many thanks for your continuous and thoughtful stream of reflections, especially this most recent one on interfaith dialogue. This is what we are seeking to address at Interfaith Center of Light.  Please help us bring this new initiative to fruition with your wisdom.
--Prof. Galen Spencer & Mani Hull, Interfaith Center, Nashville, TN

You could get a Ph.D. from a top notch program in a short time, since you already have so much of the research done! Now Prof Galen also is confirming this!  But a degree is just a degree... no intrinsic value unless the knowledge is used by many! And you are already sharing all this knowledge to any interested person/organization!

A direct benefit to yourself (of all this research) is that it has kept you young and sharpened an already high mental acuity! So, please keep doing it! And it directly has helped many who thirst for such integrated and diverse knowledge. 

And some otherwise ignorant (in Hinduism and related knowledge) people like me get a little less ignorant - Thank you!
--Prof. Santosh Venkatraman from Nashville, TN

I think you do a wonderful job of informing people about various aspects of dharma. 
  --Dr. Phil Goldberg, Author of American Veda.

--Comment from an unknown Blog reader

“Why Am I called Hindu and my Following Hinduism?” An inspiring articulation for an American Hindu.  Thanks a lot for coming out loud with what you truly believe. I know this comes from your heart in addition to your intellect.
      --Dr. Vedavyas, Chairman, Sri Ganesha Temple, Nashville

Your emails are treasure troves of information on Hinduism and I wouldn'to be left out from the distribution in future. We can never thank you enough for selflessly devoting your valuable time and effort to research these topics and sharing with rest of us. I will be always indebted to you for always willing to teach us and encouraging us to gain the hidden meaning behind Hindu rituals.  You are  5he best, Sir.

--Nil Madhav, Jagannath Society of America

My project  is not for making any financial gain, but to show case the excellence of our great Vedic heritage to as many young minds as possible. This is my humble beginning.  You have excelled in your quest for this and kudos to you for the great work you are doing. 
--Radhakrishnan Garni

Your articles are intriguing and educational; they   inspires  the mind to look around; they stir the heart and soul to think profound in this mortal journey of us on this earth which can be of futile trying to find truth. May the strings of pearls of wisdom keep growing/to encircle every one that is sincerely a seeking/to be wrapped around to become one/within ourselves like waves on river that's on the run.

Dr. Mittur Ram Prasad. Parrticipant

First, let me thank you for the vast number of articles you have shared. I am truly fortunate to have come in contact with you perchance, and it has been remarkably enriching thus far. We will be carrying your writing on the upcoming issue of The Mother. May I please request you to give me a brief introduction which I can include at the end of the article as introduction to the author.   Also, some of our readers may be interested in your email id. Only if you think it is okay to publish your email id as part of the introduction will I go ahead, else just the introduction is fine. Glad to present the Feb-April issue of The Mother. As you know, we have carried your article in this issue of The Mother.  
On behalf of our Editor, Raj Supe (Kinkar Vishwashreyananda), I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Lopamudra Roy, Executive Editor;The Mother

Comments received from Swami Chidananda of FOWAI FORUM who is on my mailing list  for the E-Mail “Why are Indian Gurus selling Noodles”:

What is the secret of your stamina in sharing good thoughts daily, without fail?

My Reply:

It is all Divine inspiration when I go to sleep at night and get charged when I get up and   inspiration I derive from Gurus like you.
I am honored and humbled and seek your blessings to remain active at 86  living in a materialistic country like USA for more than thirty years. I had no fortune to study under any  Guru but I pay my respect like Ekalavya to all Gurus I come across in USA in silence. They inspire me. If I had some computer skills I could have done more even better. I fight the battle alone. I believe in simple living and high thinking. 

His answer back to my reply:

Glad to receive your prompt reply. “May God bless you with fulfillment of your aspirations!

You are the embodiment of Hindu spirituality, the likes of which I have not seen in my 50 years--Raghu Nandan, Participant 

Comments on Hindu Reflections reaching the land mark  of 200000

I am delighted, but not surprised, to know this landmark success. I am not surprised in the sense that if you are doing all of this at your this age, then your potentials are thereby understood, coming as they are in a rich background , on the other hand , of a very successful ,interesting and colorful , pan-international professional life that you have spent..  Google, indeed is to be thanked for tracking the information reg. your contributions and presenting before us, since self-effusing as you are, we are hardly likely to know them otherwise from you.
 I know it could a tall order, but I wish you continue to write on religion, devotion, Vedanta and society for as long as your physical condition permits. And, my prayers to God Almighty for your long and healthy life with continued vigor. 
--T.K. Naig, Participant from India

MU-RU-KA means Mukundan Rudra and Katyayini
Most of your writings can be made as a Masters or Doctoral Theses.  I believe that I became a good student of you.  Thank you, Sir.  God bless you for your excellent contributions.
--Prof. Dr.  G. Nagarajan TSU, Nashville.TN., USA

I am glad to inform you that we have carried an article by you in our latest issue. I wanted to thank you once again for your kind permission to carry your wisdom that you lavish on us so selflessly. I am ever grateful. Your article on Sthithaprajnya was very well received and we have carried the same in this issue. Please find the link below:
 I also invite you to read the rest of the issue by following the magazine link given below. I am sending a glimpse of the contents for your ready reference.
 I look forward to continued engagement and wish you all the best."
-- Chief Editor, MOTHER, Hrishkesh, India

"Blessed we are to have someone like you with "literary mind, spirit of scholar, source of intellectual inspiration,expert of indian cultue,teacher of tradition, perpetual, philosopher, a trained thinker proficiency in writing ,everlasting educator,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, God Bless.

--Dr.Ram Prasad

One of the greatest and very interesting article-Amazing Temples and exciting  Revelations- also the narration your personal experience in real life is amazing. I don't miss any of your blogs and all interesting topics. Thanks for educating me with the all this information which is very enlightening to me. GOD bless you.

--Dr. Braham Parsh 

Comments on the discourse on Venkateshawara--I thank you for this exhaustive,informative and well researched as always, article . Indeed , it is a service of great importance to the society by you.
--TKP Naig

Thank you very much for a new and clear explanation  of the word intelligence in Vedanta.
You gave a lot of spiritual materials on a silver plate for those hungry people to write their Masters and Doctorate Theses.  You also gave them a full freedom to use your hard works for their benefits.  You are very generous.  God bless you for helping others.   

--Prof. G. Nagarajan


Hariom ! Very Good Article 
For swamiji Chidatmananda. Chinmaya Seva Trust

 --June 24, 21017

nice blog site--Monica Priyanka, JNUK


I was delighted to note that you are back in circulation and plunged into active writing most interesting notes on diverse subjects addressing all sections of people of all ages and faiths. Heartiest Congratulations on the Excellent Landmark. Few can ever hope to achieve such distinction. Our sincere prayers to God that you should be blessed with very long life and excellent health and energy to be able to serve humanity through your intellectual writing and lectures.

--BGR Iyengar from   Bengaluru

       monisa priyanka
11 hours ago  -  Shared publicly
Good website.Nice to see this - - JNTU King

I have been going through the rich gold mine of extremely interesting and useful articles on varied subjects. I have so far covered the articles on Vedas, Upanishads, Meditation, Guru-poornima, Sanathkumara,  Venkateswara,  Neminatha,  Jagannath Temple and Maratha contribution, Ashada Sukla Ekadashi, Padmanabhaswamy temple, Iftar at Pejawar Mutt, Kanchi Paramacharya on cow  and,  How can I ever thank you for this rich fare?  I plan to go through the remaining mails this fortnight. I am amazed at your ever-increasing zeal and capacity at projecting important thoughts on subjects relevant at all times and to all sections of readers. My sincere prayers that God may bless you with good health and active schedule.
I am touched by your note on “Thoughts for the Day”. It is impossible to find persons with single minded devotion to the cause of spreading the concepts of Religion, Spirituality, Social responsibilities, and, in short making the best use of the wonderful gift given by God-being born as human beings with sense of understanding. You mention that you may stop your writing by October. The reading community will not   accept this. We want you to continue your yeomen service for many more years (God will give you the needed strength).

--BRG Iyengar from Bengaluru, India

Your blog is an encyclopedia on Hinduism. Thank you for putting together a very useful blog. ·
 _-Vembar Ranganathan, New  York
Thank you for sharing your blog and the great work you are doing to raise awareness.                                                                    --Ami Patel, HMEC, USA

Understanding Hindu scriptures & Temple worship to Spiritually Advance

Thanks for your effort in preparing theoretical framework for transforming/revolutionalizing worship/religious practice for the most evolved Hindus of the world who has the means and the background to lead the world of the future.
I am caught up with the dilemma of preserving the ancient traditions and practices, and providing spiritual guidance to our children.
I do believe we need to learn a lot from people like Prabhupada, SriSri, Jaggi Wasudev, Chinmaya mission leaders who have found areas of our religious practice and customized it to appeal to educated Hindus.
I want to collect the modifications, analyze them and find the practices that are of universal value that promote personal growth and spiritual growth.
If you can do this research and present it to a forum for spiritual advancement in Nashville, I will try to have one.
Dr. Vedsvyas, Ex-chairperson Bal Vihaar School,  Chairman,Sri Ganesha Templ


Congratulations. Your work is recognized and will continue to provide vital information about Hinduism. I am so proud to know you and read your postings. "We must be the change we wish to see" Mahatma Gandhi.—

--Tarun Surti from Nashville.

Thank you for all your daily blogs to stimulate our spiritual awakening all these years. I was exposed to lot of new information which I was not aware of. We wish you the best. Happy New Year and new beginning.

--Dr. Brahm Parsh, Nashville.

Thanks so much for your self-less service in educating all of us!

-- Dr. Sivkumar Kalyana Raman, India

Super Job, Hari OM 

--Bala Subramaniyan, Atlanta

Heartiest congratulations on surpassing the staggering figure! People used to say Vedanta is a dry subject. But you have proved it is not so but it is not only the basic but also the ultimate means for the seeker. A million Thanks for sharing your knowledge with those like me who are yet toddlers in that field! 

--A.P. Koil N.  Sapthagireesan, India

Top of Form

  All good things come to an end sometime or the other. Thank you for everything. Wish you well and pray for your long life with health and peace.

--TKP Naig from India

That is an incredible and amazing contribution/achievement Mama! Next step, is putting it together to make it a PhD thesis!

--Dr. Santosh Venkatraman, Nashville, TN, USA

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