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I Made My Day to Interest You in the Blog Hindu Reflections
I hail from a family (Nadipuram Kadambi) of Vedic scholars, priests and religious and spiritual gurus who trace back their origin to the lineage of the great philosopher Ramanuja.  Having migrated to erstwhile Madras presidency  from Mysore State  I was forced to study Tamil which left me with the handicap of bringing down my rank in my classes despite my high IQ as I could not compete with the rank holder. So, I took the earliest opportunity to study Sanskrit so that I could achieve my goal in my middle school. It was easier to score high marks in Sanskrit from liberal Sanskrit teachers than with stingy Tamil Pundits.  Surrounded by Dravidian Movement followers and Forward Block crowds after Independence I was not attracted to Hindu scriptures in Tamil or Sanskrit or make it a subject for my graduate studies fighting with them all the time. I earned a free-ship which I badly needed to study in a Christian Missionary school by standing first in Jenkins Scripture Prize Examination sponsored by Christian Missionary. I knew then a lot about the Holy Bible and very little about Hinduism picked up here and there through Sanskrit texts.  However neither  my Bible teachers nor the Holy Father  could   convert me to  Christianity but my DK friends often tempted to  convert  me  to an atheist. Living with my orthodox family I pretended to be religious at least in  outside  appearance of an orthodox Brahmin.  I once had an opportunity to meet three Sankracharyas form Sringeri, Kanchipuram and Puri with whom I had a long   discussion on Hinduism and its future in the wake of growing atheism. At the end of our discussion they strongly advised me that I should think of contributing something towards Sanatana Dharma if not Hindu religion at least after retirement leaving my profession not suited to orthodox Brahmins.  In all my wanderings round this world of care working in several countries as a know-how, show-how and do-how man seeking opportunities I never thought of it for a long time. But as the saying goes “Vipravakyo Janaardhanah”—Learned pundits words are words of God, it became true, and I started  seriously thinking about it inspired by few philanthropists, who are well known doctors and engineers spending their time educating the community in Hindu culture, religion, philosophy and spirituality, learning themselves first, after my retirement in USA. I could then know  the meaning for all the literature I had studied during my school and college days.  Sanskrit language gradually converts one to be religious or philosophical.   Having found no Guru I started my self-study and also simultaneously  started giving guest lectures   participating in  group discussions more to learn in the process than to contribute substantially. I was amazed at the way I had picked up appropriate material for my lectures from the little library I had.  I also felt the hands of unseen divine spirit that guided me to make my discourses meaningful and interesting.  Whenever I thought about a subject He spoke and I listened.  Encouraged by my participants that I should not throw away my hand written notes and that I should  make it available to general public that are interested, and, with my elementary knowledge of typing and computers I started the blog  with no help from others but for the good Lord. This is the origin and growth of my present Blog Hindu Reflections: <>
It is a memorable landmark for Hindu Reflections: <> having seen 100000 visits to its pages (excluding those who are served by my E-mail directly) on June 4, this month (2015) since its inception in August 2011. Speed rate of such visits have picked up recently without any personal effort from me to advertise or self-projection.  It  is  surprising  that there is not even  one  negative comment  even  from worst  critics  of  Hinduism  but  all appreciations.    
I  may  not  be  there  for  the  next  landmark  but    the  Blog   will remain to enlighten the visitors forever.   I thank all those who encouraged and helped me to start this little social service. The following   statistics   will speak for themselves and also open our eyes as to in which direction we need to focus in spreading the message of Sanatana Dharma:
1)  Some Vedic Mantras Used in Hindu Rituals and Worships                                6710
2)  Sani Peyarchi—Saturn’s Transit Through our Birth Charts                                 5018
3) Hindu Reflections On Eclipses and Full Moon                                                        3136
4) Navagraha Devatas—Nine Hindu Deities in the Solar System                            2836
5) Pradosham, Its Significance                                                                                        2167
6) Hindu Rites for the Deceased Parents and Ancestors                                           1746
7) Homa Mantras from MNU                                                                                           1715
8) Knowledge of Brahman and the Prayer mantras                                                    1558
9) Vishwaksena                                                                                                                    1275
10) Upanayana  Samskaram                                                                                              1103
11) What do the odd and even numbers in Chamakam Signify (992), and
    Elusive 33 odd and 48 Even number Endings in Chamakam of Srirudram        1367
The top ten countries in the rankings are India, United Sates,  Malaysia, United Kingdoms, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Canada and Australia who constitute 81.5 %  visitors to  the pages among  all the participants.
It is surprising that India leads the rest among readers   where people have ready and direct access to speeches, advice and  day-to-day writings from Gurus and Spiritual leaders. Probably India needs Universal Oneness approach which the present days need instead the Conservative Traditional Approach. It is also an eye-opener for Hindu Temples in America that they should have one common approach to suit all traditions in their One temple with Common worship for Many traditions and not follow what is done in India but within Vedic sanctions, following Sanatana Dharma approach and not Sectarian Puranic approach to please a few and as well making the devotees   understand   the meaning of worship conducted.  In this regard Lord Venkateswara and Lord Jagannatha deities and Smaarta traditions about which I talked about a lot suit Hindu American culture.  This would also lead them more towards Spirituality than over-emphasized ritualistic religious practices with too many deities.  I am neither a religious leader nor a spiritual Guru but yet focused on it with my little knowledge.  It is also surprising the need for knowing the meaning of Mantras used in Rituals and Worships has attracted maximum attention.  
MOTHER, a magazine devoted to spread Spiritual message searching through the Google landed on my blog and approached me for permission to publish some of the discourses from the Blog.  Why me, while there are so   many Gurus, Acharyas and Scholars? They are all regular contributors to this journal. Surprisingly the very first discourse they picked up was:  "Why  should we need to Know Deeper Meaning of Mantras in Rituals and Worships?" The next topic chosen was: "Meditation is to Go Beyond Worshiping   into Higher Consciousness".  They hope to continue to search from the Blog topic of their interest for their future publications.   People are also curious to know about sacraments, Knowledge of Supreme spirit, working of Grahas (Heavenly Bodies) on our lives and lesser known deities like Vishwaksena, Hayagrieva etc.  I thought readers would be more attracted Ganesha  than Vishwaksena but it turned the other way round.
It is amazing how Astrology and its Birth charts are influencing Hindu Minds   which is a roaring business when the very concept of Navagrahas is very wrong and even our Vedas wrongly mention Sun moves around Earth planet and Sun is like any other Graha which is translated as Planet. Even Geetaa   says "Nakshatranam aham Sasih".  Moon is not a Nakshatra or Star. May be things have changed over billions of years?  Who knows?  May be Veda means to know! We should know the right from knowing   the   wrong first.  Vedas   prescribe   both Mantras “Dharmaaya Swaaha and also Adharmyaaa Swaaha (MNU)” and also mention of Lakshmee and Alakshmee as devatas. Our scriptures do mention Moon is a star as well as Rahu and Ketu and you can also find many references in Vedas as to Sun rotating round the Earth where Sun becomes a planet.  But at the same time you can also find a lone reference in Brahmanas how the ancient sages also visualized earth as planet going round the Sun.   Sankara  emphatically  said “Brahma Satyam and Jagan mithyam”-- whole world is illusory and only Brahman is real.  Later philosophers said visible world is real and this fact cannot be ignored.
The Brahmanas contain the astonishing statement: “The Sun never sets or rises. When people think the Sun is setting, it only changes about after reaching the end of the day to what is on the other side. Then, when people think it rises in the morning, it only shifts itself about after reaching the end of the night, and makes day below and night to what is on the other side. In truth, it does not set at all” (Rose Nancy Wilson in his book “Three ways of Asian Wisdom”). May be this lacks clarity but at the same time gave scope for later thinkers, food for thought. Aryabhatta later explained it. We often come across contradicting statements in Upanishads which are based on several discussions between Gurus and their disciples and on that account we cannot miss the truth contained in them.
Two of my discourses among top ten are related to the subject of Astrology. We know how our Panchangas have moved away from the accurate postulations of our ancient sages who gave astronomy to the world based on astrology over long period! Yet we blindly follow believing astrologers for our Saastric rituals and worships, who refuse to correct the situation as Gregorian Calendars periodically do and indulge in Adhika masa confusion!  Astrologers have also completely ignored National calendar which was brought out during the period of Jawaharlal Nehru by the expert committee appointed by the then Congress based on 365 days/year.   India has accepted Salivahana Saka and Chandramana Calendar for the country.  We often boast that Hinduism is not belief based? With all computer skills and high IQ levels Hindu Americans blindly follow Panchangas coming from India even though they have brought out their own American Panchangam which also need some adjustments? 
It is time for Hindu Americans to think what is good for them and not try to focus on   what people want in India or try to correct them or copy them blindly. It is their business, they know what is best for them in the situation in which they are  and Hindu Americans have to mind their own business wherever they are located and think of promoting peace and Universal Oneness which Hindus constantly stress upon   in every one of their prayers only  (a sort of lip sympathy) guided by the  Wisdom of Vedas but   not in action!   Promotion of these thoughts to action will go a long way in preserving their Hindu Culture for the future generations. Otherwise Hinduism will face the same fate as what happened to European Cultures in USA or turn to Atheism as the National trend shows.  Let them not focus on Sectarian Outlook and Traditions. Even if they want   them their children will not care for them! There is a chance they   could turn around   the Nation   by their contribution though they are about 1% of the total population. It is the right time for USA is  taking interest in Yoga and spirituality. This Year they have recognized Yoga at International Level. The will is there but the Spirit has to develop. If one Pope can influence and change the World, one   united and dedicated community   can certainly influence a Nation as certain provisions and benefits of Yoga barring its spiritual elevation part  has done to-day to  benefit the World!
Nadipuram R Srinivasan

 JUNE 5 2015

Hindu Reflections—2016 Review
I have talked enough about Hindu Reflections on Holiday Season and  about the other faiths that  are influenced by Hinduism  as well as the  effect on American Hinduism of  several cultures and faiths living in USA. My discourses often facilitate to promote interfaith dialogue to live in peace and harmony.  Let me also talk about my year-long work on Hindu Reflections on Hindu  Religion, Science,  Spirituality and culture,  including its relation with other cultures. All religions draw their strength from Eternal Tradition (Sanatana Dharma). Therefore Hinduism conflates with world religions mostly and has very few conflicts.  These little conflicts are inflated and infuriated with fanaticism by a few, all in the name of One Supreme Being, disturbing world peace.

Search Engine of Hindu Reflections has been too busy throughout last year  gathering and providing lot of information to those exclusively registered as active participants  (HRA) though I have not received many comments except from a handful. Though I received almost triple the load I could digest only part of them and transmit to you  that  may or may not  have  directly interested all of you. If you read my general footnote to my E-mails that I recently started posting you will understand why I walk away from Orthodox Hindu approach in my discourses.  But the seeking engine for the Blog has been moving fast and added another 50000 pages during the year. This is too fast compared to 100000 landmark in four years.

Out of the 264 postings of my discourses on the Blog   10 are picked up by  the Google as the most popular among world readers. The   order of 10 top popular discourses has changed from my previous report.  Google reveals there is the thirst to know the meaning of mantras used in Hindu worship and their purport from Blog visitors and Participants.  The next set of interest is in astrology, astrological deities and astrological beliefs. The most popular deity seems to be Vishwaksena whose worship started first  as Ganapati of Vedas, in spite of my more concentration on Ganesha of Puranas as the popular deity pushed to the forefront.  Vishwaksena misses the fat belly, Modaka and the rat of Ganesha. There is also keen interest   to know the hidden meaning of numbers in Chamakam and such mysteries sealed in mantras. These two topics are closely following the top ten.

It makes more sense for Hindu Temples in America to concentrate on these aspects particularly due to high level of education among the devotees. They can't be forced to blind faith as well as implicit obedience to elders as in India. Mantras contain deep meanings in capsule form.  Though I have been focusing on Hindu Americans, most readers are  Hindus  form India where many things are not explained in performing Hindu rituals and worships which they are often told to repeat after the priests or believe in astrologers  and   blindly follow. I am not therefore surprised  to  receive often  glowing comments by way of appreciation from India and occasionally from Americans who are interested in Interfaith Dialogues and are not Hindus.  Surprisingly there is not one negative comment but all appreciations from even those who are not Hindus.  The topics on Why I am a Hindu, Siddhas, Manglya Dharanam  and Smarta tradition are catching the eye  of every one.

I do not post all the subject matters of my E-mails on the Blog. Many of them are exclusively intended to active participants only and are not necessarily related to subjects posted on the blog. If related, I sometimes add them as appendices. I am glad blog is more frequently visited by readers  than before whose frequency is rapidly growing.  I often revise my postings on the Blog when I come across fresh information and so please visit Blog often at your convenience.

1)  Some Veda Mantras Used in Hindu Rituals and Worships                                11130

2) Hindu Reflections On Eclipses and Full Moon                                                     7606

3)  Sani Peyarchi—Saturn’s Transit Through our Birth Charts                             5645

4) Navagraha Devatas—Nine Hindu Deities in the Solar system                            4294                    

5)  Hindu Rites for the Deceased Parents and Ancestors                                          3652

6) Hindu Views on Conception and Child Birth                                                        3457

7) Pradosham, Its Significance                                                                                     2778

8) Knowledge of Brahman                                                                                            2215

9) Homa Mantras from MNU                                                                                       2207

10) The Veda Hymn that Hypnotized the World Gathering                                      2044

The top ten countries in the rankings who follow my discourses are India, United Sates, Russia, Malaysia, United Kingdoms,  France, Canada, Germany, Australia and Ukraine.  I do not know why Russia and Ukraine? Have more Hindus started moving to Russia now to learn another  difficult language? Having lived in Germany and Russia for long I  know how difficult it is  to live there with English alone. I started speaking their languages and digesting their culture too. I have spoken enough on Hindu Reflections; let me have your reflections as to how I can improve my performance to  serve you better  and continue beyond 2016. I have just enough topics to take care of the blog this year which I am planning to close by the end of the  year.

  Some Words of Appreciation

“You have so much wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience inherited from your good family.  Many of your writings can be made as theses for the Masters and Doctorate degrees in any university.  Legally, you should have copy-righted your writings but you did not.  Rather generously you have dedicated them to the public and asked them to spread everywhere the  growth of Hinduism. Only Kanchi  Periyaval (Chandrasekahreendra Sarasvati) did that and nobody else”
 --Prof G. Nagarajan from Nashville, TN
“I am elated to see the nice compliment-It is well deserved. Copy righting is for those who seek worldly gains-not for the spiritually evolved persons like you. The grateful remembrances by avid readers will provide  greater satisfaction.”

--BRG Iyengar from India

Thanks for your wonderful contributions to our society.  Your articles on Hinduism are of great value with in-depth analysis.
--Nagarajan fromNashville, TN

Many thanks for your continuous and thoughtful stream of reflections, especially this most recent one on interfaith dialogue. This is what we are seeking to address at Interfaith Center of Light.  Please help us bring this new initiative to fruition with your wisdom.
--Prof. Galen Spencer & Mani Hull, Interfaith Center, Nashville, TN

You could get a Ph.D. from a top notch program in a short time, since you already have so much of the research done! Now Prof Galen also is confirming this!  But a degree is just a degree... no intrinsic value unless the knowledge is used by many! And you are already sharing all this knowledge to any interested person/organization!

A direct benefit to yourself (of all this research) is that it has kept you young and sharpened an already high mental acuity! So, please keep doing it! And it directly has helped many who thirst for such integrated and diverse knowledge. 

And some otherwise ignorant (in Hinduism and related knowledge) people like me get a little less ignorant - Thank you!
--Prof. Santosh Venkatraman from Nashville, TN

I think you do a wonderful job of informing people about various aspects of dharma. 
  --Dr. Phil Goldberg, Author of American Veda.

--Comment from an unknown Blog reader

“Why Am I called Hindu and my Following Hinduism?” An inspiring articulation for an American Hindu.  Thanks a lot for coming out loud with what you truly believe. I know this comes from your heart in addition to your intellect.
      --Dr. Vedavyas, Chairman, Sri Ganesha Temple, Nashville

Comments on Hindu Reflections reaching the land mark  of 200000

“I am delighted, but not surprised, to know this landmark success. I am not surprised in the sense that if you are doing all of this at your this age, then your potentials are thereby understood, coming as they are in a rich background , on the other hand , of a very successful ,interesting and colorful , pan-international professional life that you have spent..  Google, indeed is to be thanked for tracking the information reg. your contributions and presenting before us, since self-effusing as you are, we are hardly likely to know them otherwise from you.
 I know it could a tall order, but I wish you continue to write on religion, devotion, Vedanta and society for as long as your physical condition permits. And, my prayers to God Almighty for your long and healthy life with continued vigor. 
--T.K. Naig, Participant from India