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I am happy to note blog registration has been steadily going up as well as pages read. I have also received few appreciations.  I have always tried to answer questions from my readers. Probably you are not aware that my active E-Mail Participants have been benefited by weekly thoughts on various subjects that are not posted on the blog as they are not based on my regular discourses.  I have also been receiving steady flow of wisdom thoughts from Swami Chidananda of Fowai Forum, Swami Chidananda of Parmartha Niketan of Rishikesh,, Hindu Blog and others which I have been forwarding to my active participants with my own added observations. I started collecting them since last September 2016. I do not wish to deprive you of these benefits.  I believe you may also be interested in these interesting and educative E-mails. If   there is sufficient interest developed I will continue to post them on the Blog in the coming years also. I would like to receive your views on the subject matter. Please write to:



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Infinite time is ushering yet another novel milestone/
From an unknown place, new hope and faith has flown/
Leaving behind ruins and rubbles of humanity behind/
Sailing on river of tears of joy and sorrow of all mankind/

Invisible time is greeting New Year with new expectation//
For everyone to regroup with mutual friendly declaration/
To build a world for all to approve upon life’s true essence/
Quilting fabric of peace love understanding of quintessence/


Inestimable time is showering optimism for all to embrace/
Blessing everyone with paradigm of wisdom of divine grace/
Stirring our hearts to share with each other the gift of life/
Scribing slogan of together forever through joy and strife/

Invisible TRUTH is greeting New Year with endless optimism/
Journey for all is same from birth to death in path of realism/
Delight and grief is same brings same emotions for every soul/
Time has come to see through eyes of love to reach the same goal/
For we  all come from Him and unto Him we travel to enliven !


-- DECEMBER, 2016
"Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuh  Gurur devo Mahesawarah. Gurur devo bhava” says a Hindu  Prayer.
 Vishnu went to the kingdom of demons taking the form of a wily sage called Mayamoha, the deluder with Garuda accompanying him as a monk--Clean shaven. Dressed in clothes of bark, with a begging bowl in hand.  Mayamoha sat amongst the Asuras denouncing the Vedas: “Don’t waste your time with these high philosophies and complex rituals. They are nothing but superstitions. You don’t need them to be powerful”.  With these clever arguments Mayamoha convinced the demons to abandon Vedic way. They stopped chanting Mantras and performing Yajnas. They threw the holy texts out of their land and became heretics. The Rishis recovered the Vedas and began restoring them to the former glory.
Meanwhile, on earth, the distortion of the Vedas by the demons had caused confusion; mankind had lost touch with the divine. Life lacked direction. There was suffering everywhere.
To fight the ignorance with knowledge, Vishnu descended upon earth as the enlightened teacher.  Incarnating as Nara and Narayan, Kapila, Narada, Vyasa, Datta, Rishbha and Buddha, the Lord taught man true nature of the cosmos. He explained the mysteries of life and showed many ways to attain salvation. Are these the Sapta Rishis  descended on earth over several eons? Esoteric Tradition says Sanat Kumara descended on polluted Earth with 140000 followers to save the Mother Earth!
Those who lived by his words found themselves in the paradise of Vaikuntha, attuned to the blissful rhythms of the cosmos. The rest, like demons, suffered the pangs of existence.
The last Incarnation of Vishnu as Guru was Buddha, the Teacher whom Jayadeva praised in his Dasvatara sloka. Vedanta Desika replaced Mayamoha with Balarama in his Dasvatara sloka and never thought of Buddha the Teacher. He always wanted to see Visahnu avatar with a consort,  the Sakti aspect. Teacher Buddha had divorced his wife Yasodhara  long back and hence did not fit in his  Dasvatara panel.
We are today having many Gurus who delude us like Mayamoha. It is therefore safer to stop building sanctums for them, worshiping them and wait for another Guru Incarnation to arrive.  our temples are already crowded with devatas and upadevatas  facing even South and West with no place for circum-ambulation violating   Silpa Sastras. Fortunately we have few divine souls to guide us like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, Sivananda, Chinmayananda, Dayananda etc. during our times. We see their idols in their Ashrams and pay our obeisance to them.  Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhwa and Chaitanya are exceptions. They just want us to follow them and do not want us to build sanctums for them in temples competing with Devatas if not Deva! Noodle Gurus may force their way using political influence!  Be  on the alert!
 --DECEMBEER 30, 2016
Jaganntha will be ideal deity at once appealing to Buddhist and Jain faiths that branched out of sacrificial Vedic Religion as these deities were worshiped by them in the past. This will also help in solving the problem of not creating additional sanctums for Mahavir and Buddha in Hindu American  Temples that is often disputed. Orissa was successfully ruled for long periods by  Rulers of Buddhist and Jain  Faiths and were strongly influenced by the ruling party which made Jagannath their God. Also these two religions were closely associated to  Hinduism originating from Vedic Religion and Puranas.
Jain Harivamsa mentions Krishna as the cousin and contemporary of the celebrated ford-maker Neminatha who is believed to have lived about eight centuries earlier than Christ.  The famous Mahabharata War which was fought on the Kurukshetra grounds is dated about eighth or ninth century BCE. Krishna belonging to the Pandava hosts gave out the Song Celestial, Bhagavad Gita while two opposing forces were facing each other and ready to fight, as is generally believed.  It is no surprise Jagannath   who is worshiped as Krishna, eighth avatar of Vishnu today   was worshiped as Krishna, cousin of Neminath then.   The name Jagannath with the appending Nath was more suited than the name of Krishna.  Probably the cousin of Krishna who was also a Jain carried a nickname Krishna because of his complexion. Also Krishna means one who attracts or delights and this God probably attracted all people to him. This is more convincing than the   theory of Nilakantha  Das,    Odissa believes today. The first Tirthankara of Jain Religion is  the sage Rishabha of Ikshvaaku race, son of King Nabhi and Merudevi. King Rishabha is the father of Bharata. He is also called Adinatha.  Rishaba is also considered to be an avatar of Vishnu. It  is no wonder Jains worshiped Krishna as Jagannath and  as a Tirthankara. Vishnu once described Himself as: Among  Ascetics I am Rishbha; Among  Teachers, I am Buddha.
Pandit Nilakantha Das suggested that Jagannath was a deity of Jain origin because of the appending of Nath  generally found in   the names of  many Jain Tirthankars.  He felt Jagannath meant the 'World personified' in the Jain context and was derived from Jinanath. Evidence of the Jain philosophy like the concept of Kaivalya which means salvation are present in the Jagannath cult.  O.M. Stanza discussed   Annirudh Das's theory that the original Jagannath deity as influenced by Jainism  is none other than the Jina of Kalinga taken to Magadh by Mahapadma Nanda.  This theory is further confirmed by the records of the Jina of Kalinga  that  have been restored to Odisha by Kharvela in his Hathigumpha (elephant caves) inscription on Jagannath.
Alexander Cunningham has identified the Jagannath triad as the Buddhist triad.  Cunningham also asserts that the Brahma Padartha/Mani (Divine Life material) is nothing but a Buddhist relic (Buddha'sooth). N.K. Sahu in his   book A History of Orissa, Harekrushna Mahatab in his History of Orissa,  and Mayadhar Mansingh in his The Saga of the Land of Jagannatha  opine that it is a Buddhist triad. In fact, there is no historical evidence of worship of Jagannath at Puri prior to the 10th century, when   The Buddhist King Indrabhuti's Jnanasiddhi mentions about the place of Jagannath.  
Nilakantha Das refutes that Jagannth was Buddha and  has mentioned that the Savaras  (tribals) were worshiping the image of Jagannath made of neem wood in a place called Sambal (Samal, now in Talcher of Angul District) in Oddiyana, the kingdom of Indrabhuti, which was even prior to the rule of Yayati Kesari -I. Indrabhuti  has described Jagannath as Buddhist deity in  Gyanasiddhi
Gyanasiddhi written by Indrabhuti, Oriya Bhagabata and Anata-guptagita etc., prove that Jagannath was worshiped in Puri by the Oriyas as a form of Buddha from a long time. Jayadeva, in Gita Govinda also has described historic  Buddha as one among the Dasavataras.  Indrabhuti, the ancient king of Sambalaka (present Sambalpur district) of Oddiya  used to worship Jagannath as Buddha. This culture also influenced Buddhism in Nepal and Tibet. That is how Buddha is also worshiped as Jagannath in Nepal.
 Vedic wisdom "Devo ekah" promoted Universal Oneness and the Whole World is One Family. Puranas promoted multitude of Ishtadevatas and raised Sectarian Walls. Others followed and raised Religious Walls.  Hindu Devotees sit on sectarian walls during rituals and worships as promoted by various Agamas and  as seen in Temple Traditions.   Several Religious Institutions sit on Religious walls  today and fight with each other. Awakening has started again for  consolidation started by Sankara in Hinduism and by  Christianity for  World  Outreach and Interfaith.   It is time for Hindu Americans to take the leadership to  promote Vedanta, Religion of the Future as promoted by Swami Vivekananda century back in USA towards Universal Oneness as they have been tutored with that culture from Times Immemorial (Sanatana Dharma).

--December 30, 2016

Maithreem Bhajata is a benediction composed in Sanskrit by renowned Paramacharya of Kanchi Jagadguru Shri Chandra-sekharendra Saraswati. It was rendered at the United Nations on Oct. 23, 1966 on the occasion of the UN Day, by Bharat Ratna Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi and received a standing ovation. This Carnatic Music was sung in Raga Malika set to Adi Taalam.
This Lyric was timely sent by Swami Chidananda of Fowai  Forum.   While we are threatened to be Divided States of America leaving our tradition of United States of America,  thinking of more nuclear arsenal, fight to finish, thinking of Charity Begins at home and moving away from friends these wonderful relics remind us of  Vedic Wisdoms of “Aatmavat sarvabhooteshu”—Look upon all beings as your own self;” “Krinvanto viswamaaryam—Let us ennoble the whole world; “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”—Whole world is one family and  “Sarvejanaah sukhino bhavantu”—May all people live happily together.
 Wish You All  A Happy  Prosperous and Challenging New Year!
Maithreem Bhajatha , Akhila Hrujjethreem,
Atmavadeva paraanapi pasyatha
Yuddham thyajatha , Spardhaam Tyajata ,
Thyajatha Pareshu akramamaakramanam
Jananee Pruthivee Kaamadughaastey
Janako Devah Sakala Dayaaluh
Daamyata Datta Dayadhvam Janathaah
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam
Conquer the Hearts of Everyone!
Look upon all beings as yourself!
Renounce War Give up Challenges!
Give up Aggression be not aggressive!
Mother Earth is Ever Ready
Giving us all that we need!
Our Holy Father in Heaven
Is Ever Compassionate and Kind!
Now it is your turn  
To practice Restrain
Ever willing to Give
And be Kind to All!
Oh ! The Children of the World!
May all live Together!
May all live Happy!
May all live Prosperous!
December  29, 2016
December 21 or 22or 23 was the Winter solstice when the Hindu  Religious  Uttaraya  Punyakala started according to  scientific astronomical calculations  as per    the place you are located   in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the shortest day of the year. Unfortunately misguided by our astrologers and Panchangams we celebrate it on Makara Sankranti Day in January next year a wrong day for  the observance of this important   sacred ritual for our astrologers have not taken  care to correct the Hindu Calendar over several centuries observing the movement of the earth in relation to Sun.  Hindu Temples in America have therefore neglected to observe this day as Special Religious Event Day in spite of their high IQ and scientific knowledge. It is unfortunate that even North American Panchangam  by an expert astrologer has not  taken notice of this serious mistake.
In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. I believe Hindus living in Southern Hemisphere will also be celebrating Uttarayan Punyaka in January next year!We gave the world astronomy? See our misfortune today misguided by our fraudulent astrologers who also glorify Navagrahas in which  almost all religious Hindus  have great faith!
December Solstice in Nashville, Tennessee, USA was on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 4:44 am CST  
 The Sun's Position
The Sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere during the December Solstice.
 The December Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches its most southerly declination of -23.4 degrees. In other words, when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun.
Midnight Sun or Polar Night
Being the longest day of the year, also means that people in the areas south of the Antarctic Circle towards the South Pole will see the Midnight Sun, i.e. have 24 hours of daylight, during this time of the year.
For people in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the exact opposite, the day of the year with fewest hours of daylight. North of the Arctic Circle towards the North Pole there is no direct sunlight at all during this time of the year.
Solstices in Culture
The December solstice has played an important role in cultures worldwide from ancient times until our day. Even Christmas celebrations are closely linked to the observance of the December solstice.
There are also customs linked to the June solstice along with traditions linked to the Spring (vernal) equinox and the Fall (autumnal) equinox.
December solstice in the Calendar
December 21 or 22 solstices happen more often than December 20 and 23 solstices. The last December 23 solstice was in 1903 and will not happen again until 2303. A December 20 solstice has occurred very rarely, with the next one in the year 2080.
Why Do the Dates Vary?
As with the June solstice, the December solstice’s varying dates are mainly due to the calendar system. The Gregorian calendar, which is used in most western countries, has 365 days in a common year and 366 days in a leap year.
However, the tropical year, which is the length of time the sun takes to return to the same position in the seasons cycle (as seen from Earth), is different to the calendar year. The tropical year is approximately 365.242199 days but varies from year to year because of the influence of other planets. The exact orbital and daily rotational motion of the Earth, such as the “wobble” in the Earth's axis (precession), also contributes to the changing solstice dates.
The solstices can also be observed by noting the point of time when the sun rises or sets as far south as it does during the course of the year (winter in the Northern Hemisphere) or maximally north (summer in the Northern Hemisphere).
December solstice and seasons
It is important to note that Earth does not move at a constant speed in its elliptical orbit. Therefore the seasons are not of equal length: the times taken for the sun to move from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice, to the autumnal equinox, to the winter solstice, and back to the vernal equinox are roughly 92.8, 93.6, 89.8 and 89.0 days respectively. The consolation in the Northern Hemisphere is that spring and summer last longer than autumn and winter (when the December solstice occurs).
The relative position of the Earth's axis to the sun changes during the cycle of seasons. This phenomenon is the reason why the sun’s height above the horizon changes throughout the year. It is also responsible for the seasons through controlling the intensity and duration of sunlight received at various locations around the planet.
End of the world in Mayan calendar
In 2012, the December Solstice coincided with the end of the “Great Cycle” of the Long Count in the Mayan calendar. Many saw this as a prophecy of the end of the world.
 Lord Krishna exhorts to mankind through his advice to Arjuna "tasmaat saastram pramaanam te kaaryaakaaryaow vyavasthithow"--consider Saastra as the authority or final arbiter in determining what action should or should not be performed. Are we really following Lord's advice and getting the benefits therefrom, it is for you to judge and realize how falsified and misled we are in our religious observance!
--DECEMBER 27, 2016
This year Hanuman Jayanti falls on December 28 on Amavasya day to South Indians  but not for people from North India  who celebrated it during   Vasanta Navaratri in April this year.  South Indian Hanuman likes Vadamala and you may find some South Indian coming to temple with garland of spicy snack Vada. You may like the spicy Vada during cold winters! Yet you will not see any North Indian in Hindu Temples of America on this day. Hanuman thus gives different audience to divided Hindus.  Some educated Hindu Americans may question the authenticity of human-animal combination deities as no such species is found according to science and therefore  might  like Hanuman form only  who appeared in Puranas as Monkey or as human  not the combination.   Recently some experiments were made to bring out TIGON editing genes of tiger and lion but that is only among animals. To them an intelligent animal close to human being as deity like Hanuman is more acceptable and adorable.  Hanuman is said to be an incarnation of Siva born to Punjikasthala an attendant on Brihaspati, who by a curse was born as a monkey. By another story he was a brother of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughna, but born to Anjana, out of sharing the same nectar (Amrita) of Putrakaameshti sacrifice of Dasaratha.   He is also Vayuputra as you know from Valmiki Raamayana. His Guru was Soorya by Choice. Both Vaayu and Soorya are aggregates of Supreme Principle Brahman talked often in Rigveda and so he is Parabrahman himself as Jayadeva thinks about Lord Krishna. You all know even Brahmaastra or Agni could cause no harm to him.  Puranas linked also Hanuman to Dvapara Yuga meeting his brother Bheema. He is also Chirnjeevi and always available!  Hanuman Temple in Connaught Place, New Delhi, is an ancient   Hindu temple and promoted to be one of the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi.  The temple, which has a self-manifest idol of Hanuman (Svayambhu), has an unusual feature fixed in the spire (Viman) in the form of a crescent moon (an Islamic symbol) instead of the Hindu symbol of AUM or Sun that is commonly seen in most Hindu temples. This temple   became prominent during the Mughal period corroborating this extraordinary depiction as Hindu-Muslim unity!  The idol in the temple, devotionally worshipped as “Sri Hanumanji Maharaj” (Great Lord Hanuman), is that of Bala Hanuman namely, Hanuman as a child like the Bala Ganapati attractive to children. Other Hanuman Temples that claim as ancient are: The Hanumangadhi temple is in Ayodhya. Balaji Hanuman Temple, Mehendipur (Rajasthan) Salasar Hanuman Temple, Salasar (Rajasthan) Hanumandhara, Chitrakut, Sankatmochan Temple, Banaras (UP), Shri Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar (Gujarat) Mahavir Hanuman Temple, Patna (Bihar) Hanuman Temple, Allahabad (UP) and Pankhi neaer Kanpur. With the present success in taking Yoga to United Nations that is being celebrated as the International Yoga Day every year, Hindus may hope also to convince United Nations for instituting International Hanuman Day! Hanuman is their GYM (Garudi, Yoga and Meditation) GOD, universal in appeal! For this they have to convince their most difficult religious partner Islam. If Saibaba of Shirdi is acceptable to Hindus, Hanuman of Indraprastha should be acceptable to Muslims. Muslims in Indonesia popularly play ballet with Ramayana theme in which Hanuman plays a key role.  After all we still believe all humans came out of Monkey and our ancestor, if we do not believe in intelligence creation and strongly believe in evolution. Present advanced thinking that human ancestry is that of Fish or Fungus is still debated upon! At Kindergarten Religious level who are in majority and for children Vadmala Hanuman   and Modaka Ganesha are very attractive as savory and sweet givers! If Islam accepts Hanuman, for he is not an idol (Muslims do not accept idols) and inspired by Hanumanji Temple in Delhi, other religions will immediately endorse him as Yoga God! Once Indian Muslims accept the world Muslims may soon follow except Pakistan! You can thus see how confusion is ever-growing in Hinduism!
 The following is a rare hymn on on Lord Hanuman (Panchamukhi – Five Faced) by SriVenkatacharya. The brief Phalashruti mentions that one who recites this hymn with devotion will  get their rightful wishes fulfilled by the grace of Sri Bhagavan but do not blame me if you are disappointed! My dealings are direct with Parabrahman on one to one basis. But I guarantee you will surely receive Vada prasadam if you go to templ and there will be no rush!
saṁsāra vārdhi patitōddharaṇāvatāra |
dōḥ sādhya rājya dhanayōṣidadabhra-buddhē
pañcānanēśa mama dēhi karāvalambam || 1 ||
āprātarātriśakunātha nikētanāli
sañcārakr̥tya paṭupāda yugasya nityam |
mānātha sēvijana saṅgama niṣkr̥taṁ naḥ
pañcānanēśa mama dēhi karāvalambam || 2 ||
ṣaḍvarga-vairi-sukha-kr̥d bhava-durguhāyāṁ
ajñāna gāḍha timirāti bhaya-pradāyām |
karmānilēna vinivēśita dēhadhartuḥ
pañcānanēśa mama dēhi karāvalambam || 3 ||
sacchāstra-vārdhi parimajjana śuddha-cittāḥ
tvat-pāda-padma-paricintana-mōda-sāndrāḥ |
paśyanti nō viṣaya dūṣitaṁ mānasaṁ māṁ
pañcānanēśa mama dēhi karāvalambam || 4 ||
pañcēndriyārjita mahākhila pāpa karmā
śaktō na bhōktuṁ iva dīnajanō dayālō |
atyanta duṣṭa manasō dr̥ḍha-naṣṭa-dr̥ṣṭēḥ
pañcānanēśa mama dēhi karāvalambam || 5 ||
|| phalaśrutiḥ ||
itthaṁ śubhaṁ bhajaka vēṅkaṭa paṇḍitēna
pañcānanasya racitaṁ khalu pañcaratnam |
yaḥ pāpaṭhīti satataṁ pariśuddha bhaktyā
santuṣṭimēti bhagavān akhilēṣṭadāyī || 6 ||
--December 27, 2016

According to Church Universal and Triumphant, the Sanat Kumara is the leader of mankind. It has been said that he is the leader of the Illuminati, and it is he who will rule the world in the future.  According to certain esoteric, mystic and gnostic traditions, Sanat Kumara (eternal youth in Sanskrit) and 144,000 souls from planet Venus came to Earth in her darkest hour to hold the light of God and started dancing  with Jupiter. Notable beings in the 144,000 include Jesus, Gautama Buddha, and Maitreya Buddha. He is also a God of Jains and celebrated as Muni who ascended heaven after great penance. Sanat Kumara is the great guru, savior of Earth. Believers see him in all the major religions, as Skanda/Kartikkeya in Hinduism, Brahma-Sanat Kumara in Buddhism, as a Muni  and God in Jainism,  Ancient (Sanatana) of Days in Judeo-Christianity and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism. It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khdir (green man) known to Sufi Muslims. (According to Dakshinamurti).
A shrine to Sanat Kumara which attracts and unites people of all religions and faiths is situated in the town of Kataragama, Sri Lanka. In the Alice Bailey and Theosophical literature he is called Sanat Kumara or Raudra Chakri - the Buddhist ruler of Shambhala".
Sage Sanatkumara was one of the Four Kumaras, the four Manasputras (mind-born-sons) or spiritual sons of Supreme Being as mentioned in Gita whose other sons were Sanaka, Sanatana, and Sanandana. Sanatkumara in Sanskrit means "eternal youth". The seven other   Mansa putras   are:  Vashishta, Kashyapa, Viswamitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadwaja and Atri.  Knowledge comes to these  rishis, of itself (without being dependent on study or exertion).
Bhagavad Gita says :Maharshayah saptah poorve chatvaaroe maanavastathaa | madbhaavaa maanasaa jaataa eshaam loka imaah praajaah||
The seven great sages and the moree ancient  Sanaka etc.,  and the Manus are mpossesed of powers like me and born of my Mind endowed with My essence—whose progeny are these in the world.  We are all thus  cxhildren of God like Sanat Kumara. [It is also obvious Supreme  Brahman entrusted the task of creation and welfare of humans to these  Mind born  four sons.  It is also reasonable to assume the last  of the mentioned  four sons,  Sanat Kumara is in charge of us in Kali Yuga who is Vewnkateswara]
Chhandogya Upanishad says Sanat Kumara is Sknda.  Venkateswara in  Tirupai  is worshiped  as Skanda and the holy tank near Tirupati is called Swami Pushkarani which derives  its name   after Skanda.      He is the incarnation of Vishnu as son of Supreme Being in Kaliyuga.  Sanat Kumara is the Son of Universal God  and  so also is   Jesus though called by a different name.   Venkateswara in Tirupati is Sanat Kumara who is celebrated as follows:
 Venkataadri samam sthaanam  brahmaande  naasti kanchana | Venkatesa sama devo na bhooto na bhavishyati ||
There is no place equal to Venkataadri in the whole Universe! A God equal to Venkatesa has never been born nor will be!  GOD equal to Venkatesha has never been in the past, nor is at present, and neither will be in the future”. 
 Hindu temples in America have consecrated Buddha, Jina besides Venkateswara in most of the temples and worship them along with the main deity in temples where Venkateswara is not the main deity. Hindu children who have found their Christian  partners in universal binding force of love  often come  to Hindu temples with their Christian partners and participate in the worship.  Therefore Hindu temples in America consider Christmas Day as Special Religious Events Day and keep the temple open for all day worship. I do believe they extends special worship to Sanat Kumara that is Skanda and that is Venkaatrweswara on this National Holiday in USA.
 Unity is Knowledge diversity is ignorance. Good Lord sent his  Sons (Kumara) to lead us eon after eons! Sanat Kumara Tradition promotes Vedic wisdom of  "Tadekam"-That One, "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"--whole world is One Family and "Sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu" May all live happily together. All Hindus from several parts of  the Globe have come together in USA and worship together in One Temple for All Traditions but they need to pray with one voice as our sages did: "assato maa sadgmaya; tamaso maa jyotir gamaya; mrityor maa amritam gamaya" Lead us from untruth to Truth; from darkness to light; from death to immortality!
Oh! Sanat Kumara! We are the innocent and ignorant Lambs  waiting for you to lead us to greener pastures! May  that Sanat Kumara lead us to Wisdom and Prosperity! Let us welcome him with his innocent Lamb on Christmas Day and celebrate his Birthday! Merry Xmas! May Venus and Jupiter be ever with us  dancing in our lives  enlightening our souls as they did on Xmas Night
--DECEMBER 24, 2016
Skanda has six heads because as an infant he was nursed by six surrogate mothers, the six brightest stars of the Pleiades. The constellation Pleiades is called Krittika in Sanskrit, so Skanda is widely known as Karthikeya.  Skanda is associated with bright stars galaxy and also Jesus with the bright star, Star of Bethlehem. They say Venus and Jupiter started dancing coming together when Jesus was born. Both are not normal children. Skanda is son of Virgin Parvati and Jesus son of Virgin Mary. Jesus is associated with the Lamb. He is revealed as Sanat Kumara, son of God who descended on earth with 140000 Divine followers to save  the earth as revealed in Book of Revelations:4  Chhandogya Upanishad says Skanda is Sanat Kumara who is described as born to Varaha and Earth, Brahama and Siva. Now it is left to you to connect all these  History of the Human Past.
Theosophy school of Annie Besant and others maintain that Venus, the 'Planet of Love', is the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system. The beings living on the etheric plane of Venus are said to be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us in their spiritual evolution.  It is said that the governing council of Venus – the Seven Holy Kumars – sent one of the sons, Sanat Kumara, here to guide us.  Sanat Kumara is worshiped as Skanda who is worshiped as Venkatewara or Balaji in Tirupati. Sanat Kumara is the Son of God and so is Jesus as there is only One God that is Supreme Spirit or Brahman or Holy Spirit or Jehovah or Al Kadar. Theosophy School also believe Sanat Kumara, Son of God is none other Jesus who was sent to Earth to guide us.The bright star of Bethlehm  may be the collision between Jupiter and  Venus on Christmas night described as joyous dancing of these stars together. Kunti gave birth to Karna as a virgin too like Mary. karna 
In this context how do we explain Birth of Christ to Virgin Mary and the significance of Star of Bethlehem? One candidate for the origin of the name Caspar appears in the Acts of Thomas as Gondophares (21 – c. AD 47), i.e., Gudapharasa (from which "Caspar" might derive as corruption of "Gaspar"). This Gondophares declared independence from the Arsacid  to become the first Indo-Parthian king, and he was allegedly visited by Thomas the Apostle. According to Ernst Herzfeld, his name is perpetuated in the   name of the Afghan city Kandahar, which he is said to have founded under the name   Gundopharron.  India had trade relations with Palestine; much of the commerce between the Orient and Mediterranean civilization including Egypt, Greece and Rome, passed through Jerusalem. It is very likely that wise men could have been great sages of India as Paramahmsa Yogananda wrote in The Second Coming of Christ—The resurrection of Christ within you.
 There is a cosmic metaphysical symbolism in the wondrous conception and birth of Jesus.  His incarnate Christ Consciousness came immaculately through the Virgin Mary.  Likewise, the universal Christ Intelligence was born or reflected in the comic body of pure vibratory creation (Cosmic “Virgin Mary”) through the instrumentality of God the Father”
--Paramahmsa Yoganannda on  Incarnation of Jesus Christ
[Birth  of Karna   by Virgin Kunti is another example. Birth of Saravana   in the  reeds (bush of Dharba grass) as Parvati incarnate is another incidence]
 An ivory carving of Virgin Mary by the ivory Art Gallery of Trivandrum India displays the following prayer in Sanskrit:
“Devi Priye namoe Mariee, praseedataam varshine”—Salutation to Goddess Marie! May your blessings be showered on us!
Please go through the  article on the subject. Your comments are welcome. Our Holiday Season of Lights starts from Diwali and ends with Mahasivaratri.
December 18, 2016

December 12 is Thirukarthikai  Deepam for Saivites and Vishnu Deepam  for Vaishnavites. Even our festivals show how sectarian we are. I do not know why it is not Thirikarthikai Deepam for Vishnu? We have thus many walls built in  our worships.   Therefore we should not worry about religious walls! We have specific days sacred  for specific Gods. Even specific flowers and leaves for specific gods as well as food offerings. Sani loves sesame rice, Hanuman vadaamala and Ganesh Modakam. But Hindu ladies are very spiritual unlike their counterparts. It is their job to light the lamps before deity.  Every day they start the worship lighting the lamp chanting “Deepam Jyoti Parabrahman”—Oh Flame of Light! Thou art Parabrahman. They do so even on Thirukarthikai Day as well as Vishnu Deepam Day for they only know Shiva is dissolution aspect Parabrahman and Vishnu sustenance aspect of Parabrahman. Sikhs and Jains who attend Hindu Temple  for worship on this day are happy   Guru Nanak and Adinatha are honored. Here again only shaven Sardars, Sindhis, Sikh-Punjabis without turban and Arya Samajists   attend Hindu Temples on this day if they are all American Indians.  Arya Samajists look at Havan Kund and light and do not look at the deities! Western culture  visitors are baffled which deity to focus! They join those who are in large attendance before a deity! This is the  Kindergarten level of worship of the so called Hindu Americans drawn from top ten percent educated population; think then of the fate of Hindus in India with 70% illiteracy or low level education?
Hindu American Temples which are supposed to be Multi-traditional conduct only Shiva Abhisahekam on  Thirukarthikai Day. Poor Vishnu is forgotten? I asked one of the knowledgeable priests why so?   He told me “as you know Shiva always is very hot being Rudra. He is Abhisheka Priya. Particularly on Thirukartikai day there is too much of heat radiated from the 365 lamps lit. But Vishnu is Shantaakaaram; He is cool even on nvinced our ignorant Temple authorities if not devotees how Thirukartikai is important in Multi-deity complex temple and Shiva only is to be heavily bribed on this day! Temple Management are their employers after all!
Kartik Purnima celebrations is essentially a Festival of Lamps as important as Diwali if not more. It is even holier than Diwali.   This day is called Dev Diwali or festival of row of lamps of the Divines or Gods. This festival also lasts for three days starting from Vishnu Deepam on December 12 this year and ending on December 14. While Hindu Americans have taken  Diwali to white House for celebration they are quite lukewarm to this important festival  and end up celebrating it as  sectarian  Siva Kartikai  in most of the Hindu American Temples. While Vishnu deepam heralds the birth of Vamana  Kartigai Deepam herald the birth of Kartikeya. It is an important Festival Day in all famous Panchaboota Temples of South adding Rameswaram and Kedarnath all lying on 79th parallel longitude which surprisingly include Tirupati where Balaji was earlier worshiped as  Subhramanya or Skanda. It is also a great day of worship in Tirupat as it is both Vishnu Deepam and Thiru Karthikai for Skanda. Only Skanda misses Valli and Devayanai here. But it does not matter. In Vishnu Temples the main deity  (premanently  fixed icon) is rarely seen with consorts though a   must for processional deity? Probably to honor Mother earth whom they have forgotten in Temple Tradition like they have forgotten Brahma and Saraswati! American Hindus have not made up to add them their mind though they have boldly added deities like Buddha, Mahavir, Saibaba, Swami Narayan etc., to please the donors.
In USA Festival of Lights Season starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends on January 1 next year and Christmas is the most Celebrated Day.  Hanukah which is also celebrated for eight days during this season is also called Festival of Lights.  Kartik Purnima which falls on December 13 is the most celebrated Day in the month of Kartik that is closest to Christmas. Yet Hindu American Temples celebrate this day in a casual manner while celebrating Deepavali with so much fan-fare. It is also most important day for Jains and Sikhs who generally visit Hindu Temples on this holiest night. Thus this day is more important day as an Outreach day and fusion of religions that branched out of Hinduism. I therefore do not understand why this important Sacred Day is forgotten for Grand Celebration by Hindu American Temples where mostly we go to one temple coming from different traditions and faiths? In India Kartikai Deepam had always been sectarian   and caste oriented worship in Hindu Temples. This disinterestedness of Hindu American Temples   particularly in the context of  inter-racial marriages that  are alarmingly increasing is not understandable.     In  frustration   for  the interfaith  weds  the attraction will be  to join  Christians  by lighting trees  in homes and   bring   gifts under the tree with  Santa’s  benevolence than attending casual Abhishekam or Satyanarayan Puja  in Hindu temples on Kartik Pornima Day.   If Diwali is a great day of celebration as Festival of Lights for Material Prosperity,  Kartik pornima will be a Divine Spiritual Day for celebration of Festival of Lights. We should strive to make this Day more significant to attract all traditions to temple and celebrate it like Diwali.   Please go through the attached general descriptionof the importance of this day for Hindus, Jains and Sikhs.The light that is seen in Tiruvannamali  travels and shines as Hanuka Light prior to X-mas and Star of Bethlehem on Christmas Night, shines as Makara vilakku on Makara sankranti Day and blasts forth as column of light with no beginning or end on Sivaratri Night! This is the Universal Light that is equal to thjousands ofSuns (divisoorys sahasraya) exclaimed by Oppenheimer when  his  research resulted in first atomic explosion. He started wondering whether this power is for peace or war? This nuclear energy can save the World or destroy the world (Paritranaya sadhoonam Vinaasaaya cha dushkritam). Nuclear  power has been under a dark cloud in USA since the partial meltdown in 1979. But Leslie Dewan's goal is to have  a commercial  reactor by 2030  which will produce enough energy to  power the world for decades (Boston area based Transatomic Power research. This is a subject  left to the sweet will of our President -elect which may send  fresh clouds again!
--December 8, 2016

Forthcoming voice discourse by Swami Chidanannda from Webnair:

|sangacchadhwam, sam-vadadhwam…(RV 10.191.2)|

Assemble; speak in one voice; may your minds be of one accord.”

The Rig-veda concludes with this hymn of just 3 mantras, giving us the insight into peace and harmony. This webinar will present a 3 minute musical recitation and will go into the meanings of all the lines of this hymn. These mantras have been very popular and have been sung in many plays, movies and other media representations. Its spirit is especially relevant today when humanity seems to be lost once more in numerous divisive tendencies.

 This e-mail was  forwarded to HR active participants with the following explanation:
I grew up with the culture “Divide and Rule” in India for long under the British Rule. They were successful in ruling the country for three centuries. Mahatma Gandhi might have been influenced   by the Rigveda mantra “Sangachadwam samvadadhwam” emphasizing unity of minds and coming together. It helped to liberate the country from foreign rule. But at the time of Independence we ignored the mantra and the result was partition and even today the mantra is forgotten by all political parties in India. We have a different kind of “Divide and Rule” Desi policy and we just ignore these Vedic mantras. Perhaps you are all aware these Rigveda Mantras are regularly taught to all students during Saraswati Puja in Bengal. Though a small State in India Bengal has always stayed united with strong nationalism and given the country many leaders and intellectuals. It is perhaps because of the influence of these Mantras as an annual reminder during Saraswati puja. I wish all over the country these mantras are taught and popularized among student population to influence the young minds.
Perhaps our Founding Fathers were familiar with these Mantras. Max Mueller and many foreigners were great scholars of Rigveda too.  So progressively they made this country great and made it United States of America. They came in search of united thinking and freedom. Today even this country is trying to forget these mantras and thinking of Divided States of America influenced by some of the descendants from Great Britain who seized power.   But if the people focus on these mantras they can always overcome these momentary intimidation  and hold on to the principle of United States of America which induced people like us and many other nationalities attracted to this country. I have been talking often on Universal Oneness and “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” and “sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu” which are also Veda Mantras. But the three Mantras to which Swami Chidananda draws our timely  attention,   perhaps after  seeing the  recent unprecedented mud-slinging  elections, is to   constantly remind us  emphasizing unity of mind to create healthy and powerful  spiritual organizations for  prosperity and  happiness for all to promote fellow feeling and Manava Dharma (human values).
 Sangachhadhvam samvadadhvam sam vo manaamsi jaanataam |
Devaa  bhaagam  yathaa poorve sanjaanaanaa upaasate ||
May you move in harmony, speak one voice; let your minds be in agreement just as the ancient gods coming together  in his speech anshared their portion of sacrifice.
This mantra emphasizes how one after achieving his goals in life for a smooth living should also focus on the welfare of the society he lives in. In his thought, speech and action   he should live in harmony in the society uni-vocally.  Whatever we earn we should be able to equally distribute among ourselves benefiting all.  We can see here the call for   equality among all in the society—live and let live.  It shows how Vedic society lived in harmony with these lofty ideals, a lesson to material world we live in.
The thought we are all children of God will come when we listen to the Vedic Wisdom “Aaatmavat sarvabhooteshu”—the same Self abides in all of us. When that comes in we will try to help all, the way we take care of us. Caring and sharing for the welfare of society such people will gain merits towards Mukti or Liberation   pleasing  God. By such unity of mind (sangacchandhwam)  we will be able to make this very earth we live in,  the  heaven we are aspiring .      
 Samaano mantrah  samitih samaanee  samaanam manah sahachittam eshaam |
Samaanam mantramabhi mantrayae vah  saanena voe havishaa juhomi ||
May all prayers by people  engaged in work  be the  same; our mutual discussions  be the same so also  be our inner thoughts. Let our thought provoking minds be at same wave-length. I would also join you with the same prayer;  I also offer the oblation  to the fire with the same mind.   
[May our purpose be the same: may we all be of one  mind! In order to result in  such a unity  I offer a common prayer].
All people on earth should live with one mind, with no ill-will and the great goal can  be achieved by the grace of the Supreme only,  says the mantra.   This mantra re-echoes very much the mantra which we chant before commencement  of study of any Upanishad under the guidance of a Guru—“Sahanaa vavatu”
Samaanee vaa aakootih sammaanaa hridayaani vah |
Samaanamastu voe manoe yahaa  vah susahaasati ||
May our intentions and appreciations be alike, so that a common objective unifies all!
 In this vast world due to some fortune or fate one lives together with another. Thus there comes an un-explainable reason behind all this. Therefore it is obligatory on our part to behave in such a manner as to cause no difficulty to others and live happily   together. We can’t bear any pain to our body. Therefore we should lead our life in such a manner  so as to cause no pain to others and make  happier others in whom  also the same Supreme dwells. So our life in this world is meant  for the benefit of mankind.
Upanishads say: ”navaa aray patyuh kaamaaya patih priyo bhavati aatmanastu kaamaaya patih priyo bhavati”. That means since all sentient and non-sentient things in this world are the product   of the Supreme will, they should all be dear to us! Since we love Supreme Being  immensely  all the things created by Him should also be dear to us. Therefore everyone’s welfare should be our concern.  This we no doubt express in our prayers: “Sarvejanah sukhino bhavantu” and “sarve santih” What remains is to implement it in all our thoughts, speech and action.
The word “susaha” in the mantra is most significant. Our mutual contacts should be beneficial to both of us; for this our minds, hearts and resolutions should be compassionate and act in unison. And this exercise is important for all souls to aim at universal welfare to live in peace and harmony.   We should all be committed to such a welfare activity and in the process uplift ourselves and progress  towards liberation (Mukti).
 Please be benefited by further elucidation and wisdom thoughts from Swami Chidananda on this important subject.
 --E-Mail sent on December 14, 2016

By Pujya Swami Chidanandaji
Any mantra (or just a sentence in it) that points to the oneness between the individual soul (jiva-ātmā) and the supreme soul (parama-ātmā) is, by definition, a Great Statement (mahāvākya). There are more than a hundred of them, scattered across the 108 Upanishads.
Four among them however have been famous over the centuries: one each from the four Vedas. This webinar introduces their uniqueness and tremendous significance:
 RIGVEDA (Aitareya Upanishad): prajnānam brahma -- Awareness is the supreme truth.
YAJUR-VEDA (Brihadāranyaka Upanishad): aham brahmāsmi --I am the supreme truth.
SāMA-VEDA (Chāndogya Upanishad): tat tvam asi --You are that (supreme truth).
ATHARVA-VEDA (Māndukya Upanishad): ayam ātmā brahma--This (inner truth in us) is the supreme truth.
Views of Hindu Reflections
Mandookya Upanishad is the cornerstone of Advaita Philosophy. Read with Ahma Brahmasmi and Aham Atma Brahama it gives  the wrong impression that  we are not different from the Supreme Being which gives rise to the Ego in us to lift its head by misinterpreting the Mahavakyas.  This has happened to even to the greatest of sages the four Kumaras who went to see lord Vishnu who were stopped at the sixth step by Jaya and Vijaya, the gate keepers. Vishnu cleverly avoided their reaching the seventh step which is our final goal in life (Parmapada). Instead he came down to sixth step and settled the issue. He indirectly reminded them that they have not yet overcome their Ego for they cursed the gatekeepers using their power and they have to still earn merits to reach Paramapada. Sankara also confessed standing before Viswanatha that it is wrong on   his part, though he has repeatedly said Supreme and self are one,    he was standing before Supreme and praying to Him.  Ultimately He said in Bhajagovindam Vishnu is the final goal as well as in  Aatma Bodh. We will discuss about this later.
 It is held by some Advaita protagonists that individual soul (Jeeve-Atma) merges, gets absorbed and gets  dissolved in Universal soul (Parama-Atma). Ramanuja who understood the parting message of Sankara in Bhajagovindam later clarified the same in Sri Bhashyam.  Jeeva –Atma joins and associates and integrates with the Parama-Atma. It still exists as an entity but united with him inseparably and indistinguishably   (Ardhanareeswara concept). Brahman  is "Eko na adviteeyam.
--December 2, 2016
For thousands of years, Hindus have looked at the Himalayas with awe and reverence.  Himalayas are the abode of gods. It is believed that Lord Siva sat deep in meditation on the Himalayas until Parvati the daughter of the mountains succeeded in winning his love. Temple of various gods stand high in the mountains and millions make the arduous ascent to them each year.
The Himalayas are the most sacred and revered mountain ranges of Hindus. The snow-bound, inspiring serene and awesome Himalayan Mountains are shrouded in mystery which has lured since time immemorial.
The beauty of Himalayas leaves one speechless e with a tremendous feeling of awe admiration. It is one of the most beautiful places on the earth with nature’s bounty at its peak. To nature lovers it is a paradise on Earth and for those seeking spirituality it is the ultimate destination as a spiritual abode.
Himalayas—the abode of snow, Giri Raj—the monarch of all mountains, is the mightiest,   highest, most inspiring, amazing and incredible mountain chain of the world.
My pilgrimage to the Himalayas confined to Rishikesh, Haridwar, Panch Prayag, Badrinath, the Hemkund  Saheb and the Valley of Flowers.
The Himalayas have lured people to this region since ancient times. References to Himalayas are found even in the Rig veda, the oldest scripture in the world. The Himalayas mean different things to different people. For sages, saints and seekers, it is a spiritual center beyond comparison. Since tin me immemorial, ascetics have climbed the great heights in search of peace and wisdom.

Please go through the attached article from India Divine.Org  A Himalayan Journey as well as my discourse on the subject.

Unique characteristics of anything   is only the expression of the Divine power inherent in that. That is why Krishna says in Bhagavadgita “I am the virility in men”—Paurusham nrishu. Ultimate power manifests itself in various forms and shapes. If I have come with a discourse with a brilliant idea or with a new light as I have recently come across that Sanatkumara is Skanda and that Skanda is none other than Balaji of Tirupati it is not that I am speaking. It is the “Paurasham” in me that good Lord asked me to bring to you.  All this information existed before but I only linked them together to give you a new light of “Devo Ekah”,  “Jagannatha” as Sanat Kumara-- The Universal Lord the One and only God  all Religions Pray!  We cannot create anything ourselves for He is the custodian all including Self in us as His amsa—Mamaivamso jeevabhootah sanatanah. Then it is logical to conclude I have served you using my god given propensities that was lying in me for long in its nascent form!  Kalidasa a poor shepherd who became a genius is a living example. Please go through the writings of Hariprasada Das who also deals with the negative qualities inherent in us. The options is yours—either to kindle  the divine spark in you are get  caught in  parading your negative strength to ultimately get destroyed or born again and again.
Kita-Bhringi-Nyaya: The Maxim of the Trapped Worm and the Wasp

Hatred, envy or fear for another person often intimidates and consumes us. When the primary purpose of our existence becomes dictated by hate or rivalry towards a specific individual, it forces us to give up living our own lives and start imitating the life of the person we envy.
There is a popular maxim (logic) in the Sanskrit language which carries an important life-lesson for those of us who are at any point of time affected by such hatred or envy. This is the Kīṭa-bhṛṅgī-nyāya or the maxim of the trapped worm and the wasp. This maxim is quoted by Srila Shukadev Goswami in the Śrīmad-bhāgavatam (7.1.28):
kīṭaḥ peśaskṛtā ruddhaḥkuḍyāyāṁ tam anusmaran
saṁrambha-bhaya-yogenavindate tat-svarūpatām
Translation: A worm (kīṭaḥ) who is trapped (ruddhaḥ) by the wasp (peśaskṛtā) in a hole in the wall (kuḍyāyām) keeps meditating repeatedly (anusmaran) on the wasp (tam) out of envy (saṁrabha) and fear (bhaya-yogena) and thus attains (vindate) the form of a wasp (tat-svarūpatām) in its next life.
Besides the Śrīmad-bhāgavatam, this logic is also quoted by Gauḍīya-vaiṣṇava ācāryas such as Sri Narayan Bhatta Goswami, Sri Rasikottamsa, etc.
This maxim carries the important lesson for us that if we become consumed by the negative emotions of hatred, envy or rivalry towards another person, then we start meditating on them repeatedly instead of meditating on our desired object – Krishna. We thus try to outsmart our rival in each and every possible way. We stop living our own lives and start living the life of our rivals.
For example, I may not be an expert in kīrtana but seeing the talented performance of a kīrtanīya attract various devotees, I may develop some envy or rivalry. If my negative feelings are not checked and addressed by me or my well-wishers in their nascent stage, they may turn into deep-seated hatred for that talented kīrtanīya. I may even give up my own fields of specializations and try to learn kīrtana and music simply to satisfy my burning desire to subdue, surpass and succeed over my rival.
I may start meditating upon that person day and night, and in my blind hatred I won’t even realize that I have actually turned into a clone of that person. I won’t realize that in my madness of conquering a rival, I’ve ended up losing my soul. Seeing my deep-seated desire to be an expert kīrtanīya, Krishna may give me another birth simply to satisfy my desire.
Krishna says in the Gītā (7.8) — pauruṣaṁ nṛṣu — I am the ability in a human being. In the Gītā (10.41) he reminds Arjuna again that all sorts of creativity and talents are sparks of his opulence. Thus, when we see some creativity, some talent or art in an individual, we should offer our respects to Lord Krishna who is manifesting his specific opulence through that individual.
Ultimately, talents and creativities are not the glory of those individuals, but rather are the glory of Lord Krishna. Knowing this, we should conquer our envy and hatred for that individual. If we keep going down that pathway of rivalry, we may end up taking another birth simply to satisfy our whims of acquiring a specific talent which we cannot possibly attain in this life. If at all we dislike a certain individual, the best we can do is to ignore them completely and move ahead in our lives serving god using god-given natural propensities.
Krishna says in the Gītā (7.8) — pauruṣaṁ nṛṣu — I am the ability in a human being. In the Gītā (10.41) he reminds Arjuna again that all sorts of creativity and talents are sparks of his opulence. Thus, when we see some creativity, some talent or art in an individual, we should offer our respects to Lord Krishna who is manifesting his specific opulence through that individual.
 ---November27, 2016
Unique characteristics of anything   is only the expression of the Divine power inherent in that. That is why Krishna says in Bhagavadgita “I am the virility in men”—Paurusham nrishu. Ultimate power manifests itself in various forms and shapes. If I have come with a discourse with a brilliant idea or with a new light as I have recently come across that Sanatkumara is Skanda and that  me that good Lord asked me to bring to you.  All this information existed before but I only linked them together to give you a new light of “Devo Ekah”,  “Jagannatha” as Sanat Kumara-- The Universal Lord the One and only God  all Religions Pray!  We cannot create anything ourselves for He is the custodian all including Self in us as His amsa—Mamaivamso jeevabhootah sanatanah. Then it is logical to conclude I have served you using my god given propensities that was lying in me for long in its nascent form!  Kalidasa a poor shepherd who became a genius is a living example. Please go through the writings of Hariprasada Das who also deals with the negative qualities inherent in us. The options is yours—either to kindle the divine spark in you are caught in  parading your negative strength to ultimately get destroyed or born again and again
 I see an unusual observation in my patients who are sexually abused, some of them become sexual perpetrators just like the one who abused them. I always felt these people were seduced to thinking that the power of the perpetrator confuses them to thinking that they are Gods who have vanquished the need to follow conventional morality. Is this Kita-Bhringi Nyaya in action?
--Dr. Ved

 Our President elect has promised to block the clean power plan during the recent election campaign   which had already run into trouble in the court, that would have cut carbon-di-oxide emissions from power plants.  America’s efforts to limit global warming will be crimpled; the Paris Agreement on climate Change will be weakened by Trump-tsunami which may lift its  head often in coming years.
Worried by this future for the Country in particular   and the world in general Belmont Methodist Church has fixed an Interfaith Candle –light Climate Vigil Meet at 7.00 PM  on December 8 next month. But why December 8 you may ask. World today is not only threatened by global  warming and Carbon-di-oxide emission while plant kingdom is progressively devastated but also by the nuclear arsenal which fortunately can be diverted to peaceful means and progress of the world when wisdom dawns on humanity. I therefore think knowingly or unknowingly December 8 has been aptly chosen;
"Atoms for Peace" was the title of a speech delivered by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the UN
General Assembly in New York City on December 8, 1953.
 It has been argued that Eisenhower, with some influence from J. Robert Oppenheimer, was attempting to convey a spirit of comfort to a terrified world after the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of the nuclear tests of the early 1950s.
 .Two quotations from the speech follow:
  • "It is with the book of history, and not with isolated pages, that the United States will ever wish to be identified. My country wants to be constructive, not destructive. It wants agreement, not wars, among nations. It wants itself to live in freedom, and in the confidence that the people of every other nation enjoy equally the right of choosing their own way of life."
  • "To the making of these fateful decisions, the United States pledges before you--and therefore before the world--its determination to help solve the fearful atomic dilemma--to devote its entire heart and mind to find the way by which the miraculous inventiveness of man shall not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life
I believe reckless exploitation of Mother Earth causing climate change is also great threat as the nuclear bomb threat.  Peaceful use of atoms may help indirectly saving the green gas emission by clean power technology though we do not know what other problems  will arise like nuclear waste disposal! Probably that may be the reason to choose December 8 terrified by our  President Elect Donald Trump’s promise to revive coal mining industry and not to worry about atmospheric pollution!  A Tamil poet said if anyone is hungry we should even destroy the world to feed the starving (Thani oruvanukku unavilai enil jagatthinai azhitthiduvom).  It served his interest to get votes from unemployed coal miners! It is my own humorous conjecture!  Please go through my discourses in this regard.
1) Environmental Peace and Harmony Needs Spiritual Support (August 2015)
2) Thinking of Mother Earth on Mother's Day (August 2015)
3) Thoughts on Earth Day from   Hindu Reflections ((May 2013)
--November 27, 2013
Thanks giving day reminds us to fix our mind on gratefulness. The simple practice of appreciation points us to better life. Why not make it a habit? People who practice gratitude on average have lower blood pressure, lower risk of depression and anxiety and unique power to heal, energize and change lives. Our temples and churches make Thanksgiving Day a special religious events day. People who craved religious freedom controlled by the State came to USA in search of freedom to worship. They want to thank the Native Americans for their generosity today and also pardon them for their wrong approach. That is why Turkey is pardoned by the President. I also suggested to dedicate this day to Vedavyasa, but for whom we would not have been exposed to Vedic wisdom and very mantras we use in His worship! We owe our gratitude to him. Somehow this has not caught the attention of our Hindu Temples who observe this day as Special Religious Events Day probably with some Abhishekam to fill the coffers!
While we're feasting on dinner with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, more than 10 million seniors will be struggling just to make it through the day. That's the appalling state of senior hunger in America -- and it's time we did something about it. These hungry seniors are our neighbors, people we pass on the street or say hi to at the post office. They're in every community across the country, suffering silently just to get enough food to make it through the day.  
This is because of the Western American Culture which focuses on Materialism  cutting off family ties   when a child graduates from School and decides to lead an independent life and soon forgets about his/her parents.  Also the parents the child knows might have changed partners. Fortunately this culture has not yet influenced Hindu Americans.  I live with my daughter though I don’t need her support.  Because of our strong relationship and family values   we taught our children while bringing them up in USA this has been made possible.  Fighting hunger needs a joint effort.  Then think what will be the condition in India?  Please go through my detailed discourse on the subject. I on my own part  besides contributing to the cause has further decided  to fight ignorance and serving the community  for “Man shall not live by Bread alone”   
USA is known for its charitable n bent of mind. That is why Our President Obama decorated Bill Gates! Hindu Americans do not lag behind. Though busy for 364 days in a year they specially focus Thanks giving day to feed the hungry by food drive. Why not make it a habit. By habit we visit temple every Sunday and enjoy free food and   exchanging greetings and expressing gratitude.   Why not keep a donation box like Tirupati in Prasadam hall where devotees who enjoy free food can throw a dollar to the Annadanam Charity Box like they offer to the plate of Aarati when it is taken round? Here we have to learn a lesson from Lord Ganesha who is seen with his Modakam (sweet pudding) offered to the starving poorest   creature Rat all the 365 days and not on Ganesha Chaturthi Day alone! We glorify him as Modakahasta. Let us join his band with our hands of charity.
People everywhere in life
            From every walk of life
From every town and city
And every nation and state
Have given me so many things
Intangible and dear,
I couldn’t begin to count them all
             Or even comprehend them clear
Then how can I make them clear……..
I only know I owe so much
             To people everywhere
And when I put their thoughts in discourse
It is just a way to share
 The wisdom of scriptures and Vedas
From a mind akin to your own  
For nothing that I think or type
             Is mine but that of Unknown
So if you found some   Sunshine
In any word or line,
It is just His inspiration 
        Under the heavy crown I wear
 If I have helped somebody as I traveled along
If I had helped somebody with words of wisdom
If I had helped somebody to progress forward
My living had not been in vain!
Then I am deeply thankful
To have had a little part
In sharing these God-given thoughts
And I hope you’ll share them too
With family friends and dear ones
And all of those   known to you!
          (Dr. Ram Prasad)

 Here we are in time and space by lord’s grace/
 Who blesses every minute in millions of ways//
 Showing his divine love with morning sunrise/
 Shimmering sunlight glowing on earth's eyes/

 Blessed we are with life's essential elements/
 Filled is the world with many divine moments/
 Alluring days to live by the truth of life on earth/
 Sanctified nights, with moon and stars for mirth/

 Loved we are by omnipresent gracious spirit/
Who showers unconditional love without limit/
 Whispering in wind, words of love for all to hear/
 Letting his emotions show in flow of the tears/

 Green of grass blue of sky gurgling of stream/
 Designed by divine for all to savor with gleam/
 Seasons of nature each with its own blessing/
 Gathered we are here by good lord’s wishing/

To celebrate yet another sentimental Thanksgiving Day/
To show thanks for all blessings that has come our way
Blessed we are to share our love with family and friends/
In the comfort of warmth of affection that has no bounds/

 --November 24, 2016
Impressive poetry coming out of your pen!

One of my active participants Anil Pandya drew my attention to a news which he felt sensational   and forwarded the same: Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos led his inaugural Chancellor Charter on Nov. 5, guiding approximately 30 students, faculty and staff on a daylong interfaith tour of Nashville and sharing some of the city’s history along the way. They visited  Islamic Center of Nashville, Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Sri Ganesha Temple and the Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee and The Jewish  Temple Nashville (Congregation Ohabai Sholom). November 5 Interfaith Tour visited   the Sri Ganesha Temple and the Hindu Cultural Center of Tennessee, where Radha Reddy, a founding board member,  greeted the group and took them round the temple on a guided tour explaining the basic concepts of Santhana Dharma guided  by which Hindu Religion is practiced and deities worshiped in Ganesha Temple.   The center was formed in 1980, and the current temple was completed in 1991. There the group enjoyed a vegetarian lunch in keeping with Hindu customs.
I was not thrilled much by this as I was dealing with the theme of Fusion of Religions, community Reach and Universal Oneness and spreading the message to my global readers, a sizable portion of which is drawn from Nashville population which includes many important Hindu Temple founding fathers.  My son-in-law Ram Kaushik   has access to my Blog  and he was Chairman of Baal Vihaar   of Sri Ganesha Temple for long. During his tenure he came up with the idea of Community Outreach and took the students of Baal Vihaar on a tour to not only Gurudwara, Buddhist Center but also  to local religious centers of Abrahamic Religons—Jews, Islam and Christianity. This practice continues. Now that it has come from Chancellor Nicholas it has gained lot of Popularity and has become a sensational news.   I am glad  other religions have started appreciating this prime move by Hindus in Nashville but the initiative coming from a major faith of the land will attract more attention and publicity.
 The move by    Ram Kaushik , me and others all belonging to Hindu religion is based  more on our pressing needs as a minority community whose base is threatened more by the inter racial marriages that are taking place, growing atheism and indifference to religion in a material focused country. It calls for Hindu Americans to set their house in order   for which the best solution would be to revert back to Vedic Religion which practiced Dharma that promoted the concept   “The whole world is One family”. God is One” and   “Let  all people may live happy  and contented”. Vivekanada  a century back proclaimeds before tjhe audience of World religions--Vedanta is the Religion of the Future (please refer to my discourse).   Once they do this others who are also discontented with their   religions and cultures will be attracted to Sanatana Dharma—The True Value Hindu Way of life. This needs no proselytize or extra effort on the part of Hindu Americans. Hindu Americans also should realize living in a multi-cultural andMulti-Religious society their needs are quite different from Hindus in India who need not worry much about Interfaith and Community Outreach. My enclosed article goes deep on the subject. Please read and convince yourself. I have said all that I have to say but it is for you to think deep and adopt what is best for you and your children.
 INTERFAITH, FUSION OF FAITHS AND   COMMUNITY OUTREACH May I draw your kind attention to an exciting Nashville community news it...

--November 23, 2016

I would like to remind you   my in-depth study on this subject long time back:  
Yet I do not have the wisdom and practical approach of Swamiji. Please listen to his  speeches indicated.
But I am worried  why Hindu Americans have forgotten completely  Guru Poornima day and ignored the avatars like Hayagrieva and Dattatreya  in our temple traditions and also do not consider  to honor the Teacher religiously and socially as is done even in India. Vedavyas is an Avatar of Vishnu.   I consider he is the most important of Avatars who gave us Vedas first and Puranas next without which temple would not have had the galaxy of all these devatas and upadevatas they worship. Hayagrieva  is the earliest Avatar celebrated in Vajasaneya Samhuita named after him whose influence can be seen in distant lands like  Latvia and the veneration of horse in many cultures. Similarly DHANVANTARI who can be remembered on International Yoga Day responsible for the  harmonious growth  of Body, Mind  and Spirit and to bring the awareness in us! Dattatreya  is the find  of religious ingenious mind which brings compromise among fighting fractions Siva and Vishnu and utter neglect of Brahma who is confined to a niche in the northern wall of the sanctum sanctorum. He is Brahma. Vishnu and Siva all-in-one. Hayagrieva is "aadhaaram sarvavidyaanaam"--foundation for all education and redeemed Vedas from demonic forces. You can see how our Hindu American Temples are blind to all these while they want to add more and more upa-devatas or peromote them as principal deities and  consecrate elevated  humans who are worshiped as Gods!
--November 16, 2016

When I woke up last Saturday Morning I was surprised to find an E-mail from the Chief Editor MOTHER, a spiritual Journal to which many Gurus, Spiritual Leaders and religious authors contribute. This is the third time they are publishing my discourse which they have picked themselves and I have not sent or requested them to do so as I have no ambition to build up my image and compete with these Learned Forums being a man of limited knowledge. 
What worries me is even these Forums cannot help me in my mission to bring East-West Traditions together which has wiped out or kept them closely guarded that led to   “Devo Ekah” and “Sanat Kumra Tradition” and to hide them from Hindu main stream which over years have raised several walls like Sectarian religious walls, Caste oriented religious walls, language-religion oriented religious walls, Socio-religious walls etc., and religion has even entered the kitchen in Hinduism. Presently, all the Swmijis, Gurus and scholars are focused on gloating over the past stating how great Sanatana Dharma is and how ancient Sanatana Dharma is  and not focused on what Vivekananda dreamt about  declaring boldly before World Council of Religions in USA –Vedanta is the Religion of the Future. This was based on Vedic dictum: “Vasudeiva Kutumbakm”, “Eko Viprah bahuda vadanti” “krinvanto viswamarym” etc., and The Sanatakumara Tradition of East and West which was popular around 2000 and odd years ago which I have brought your limelight as the Univocal Voice of all Religions and Traditions of the world.
I quote below the message from MOTHER and compliments paid by a highly learned  American Hindu Temple Founding Father:
“Long time, hope you are doing very well! I am glad to inform you that we have carried an article by you in our latest issue. I wanted to thank you once again for your kind permission to carry your wisdom that you lavish on us so selflessly. I am ever grateful. Your article on Sthithaprajnya was very well received and we have carried the same in this issue.”  
[From their choice of my three discourses it is clear they are only focused on Spiritual advancement and Parasakti as MOTHER, not related to today’s Hindu American problems like interracial marriages, atheism  and religious walls between husband and wife united by universal binding force of love. There is no focus on taking us to their philosophy]
“Congratulations on finding the right audience for your collection of wisdom over the years of trying to get the East and West together”.
[I believe he has not judged my limited capabilities properly and also the objectives of “Mother”.  I have only tried to pull the person from drowning and  then administered first-aid and rest is left to expert-doctors  to revitalize the body! It requires more than a village to go forward.]
What is paining is that these forums are not only lukewarm but also are  not at all focused on Rigvedic Wisdom “aa no bhadrantu kratavah’’--let noble thoughts come from all directions. Probably our great scholars, Gurus and Swamijis do not find time   and believe   that there is nothing that is not there as in Sanatana Dharma or even give religious opinion that   it is a sin to study other scriptures, Om is not for ladies and  others should receive  such mantras only    through a Guru, Upanayana is not for ladies, priesthood is not for ladies and exclusive to Brahmins, Kamokarsheet Homa is only for sacred thread wearers etc. I could not find any injunction like this in Vedas!  Swami Chinmayananda has tried to break these walls and tried to look into at least Holy Bible if not Quran but he is not with us now. We have Swamijis like   Chidanandas, Vamdeva Sastri, American Gita society etc., whose writings reflect these thoughts here and there that have helped me to broaden my vision coming from an orthodox Vaishnava family,
In many of my articles I have tried to connect the missing link between Hinduism as projected and propagated by our Swamijis and Gurus and its earliest influence on major traditions and religions Hindu Americans live with.  I believe I have   gone little deep into it with authoritative quotes though my knowledge on either of these is bare minimal;   I am always willing to  correct myself. My discourses are different from these traditional writers which makes them more interesting to Westerners as well as our children married to Westerners, major religion of USA, Interfaith and Outreach groups. These may not be of any value to Hindu American temples guided by priests and astrologers who still go by   sectarian traditions   imported from India believing that is the Aagma and Sastric injunction which is based on Vedas.  
Unfortunately these Wisdom Forum mentioned above is not available to us for getting full   benefit for their main focus is on Hindus in India who   live in compartmentalized cells. We therefore need home-grown Swamijis and intellectuals to lead the way to Sanat Kumara Tradition in our worship and meditation which is not opposed to Aagama Sastras.  Vision of our fathers of Temples should be opened for reaping the full benefit of their sacrifice and Philanthropic   outlook. As a mediocre with half-baked knowledge, it is beyond my capabilities.
---November, 15, 2016

Hittalgida Maddalll-Backyard Herbal Plant can’t be Medicinal; Yonder shore is always green!
May I draw your kind attention to my yesterday’s E-mail forwarding E-mails of Rajiv Malhotra, a Hindu American celebrity who drew our focus to Dr. Satyanarayna Das, Head of the Institute of Vaishnavas in Vrindavan and   the topics on which he has talked about, without any comments from me. Luckily it caught the eyes of one of our founding fathers of Ganesha Temple who did not fail to compliment me “Thanks for the Great information”. Others may send it to archives or dustbin as usual. I was awakened to the fact that I too had burnt several candles on this very important theme on which Hindu Americans drawn from the Globe need to focus, in restoring the hidden and forgotten glory even by Hindus, of Universal Esoteric Sanat  Kumara Tradition   of the ancient past that was   the Universal Binding Force on which I am working presently. As we say in Kannada “hittalagida maddalla” the backyard herbal plant is not medicine and “Church well water is holy” “Water from Conch is Teerth (sacred water)”, Dr.Das’s and Rajiv Malhotra’s writings at once caught our imagination and my 33and odd topics went with not even a customary acknowledgement. Adding insults to the   injury, our Temple which initially posted 62 Topics of mine that contained 3 of these 33 topics on the temple website sent  continuously by an enthusiast   got deleted also after some time without any reference to me. I do not blame them for I am not yet worthy of their estimation as Dr. Das is  or in the estimation of Rajiv Malhotra another celebrity. I have to wait for my saffron robe and Rudraksha Mala. I would leave it to your imagination understanding and propagation after comparing both groups whose texts are available. May be my discourses do not carry the weight of Das or Rajiv Malhotra but I am happy that I have drawn your attention to this important subject. What ought to have excited the   local Hindu Cultural Society, the Temple and  the Society produced a refusal. Some of these discourses were delivered to a small group of Vedanta Class at  Ganesha Temple  to whom  I give periodic guest lectures. Here again I am not a Guru in Saffron Robes or Celebrity to have a larger Forum. Thanks to my wonder Sishya Google that has accepted me as a Guru it  is helping me to spread the message to World Forum  in spite of my lethargy   and lack of knowledge for  taking advantage of   IT promotion and advertisement. I have neither ambition nor time to be Chidannda or Chinmayananda or any ANANDA! I am surprised this has attracted the attention of Interfaith Forum to bring out a book! I am honored and feel satisfied after all my herculean efforts have not gone in vain and He has not neglected me! I wish I was a TRUMP in USA  in being a celebrity if not ethics!

1) Can Dharmic & Abrahamic traditions be reconciled?  ; 2) Indian spiritual traditions demand discipline, rigor & integrity:  3) Provocative speculation: Are many Hindus unfit for Hinduism? What might be their future?  
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I worked as a Standards Engineer for Indian Standards Institution (ISI) in India for long years. I was the Secretary for the   Chemical Divisions Council and also Secretary to the Committee that held the secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is interesting to know how a National Standard in India as well as USA is evolved and finalized for the benefit of all. A preliminary draft standard that is prepared goes through   subcommittee, main committee, wide-circulation within the country as well as seeking comments   all over the world through its Standard Bodies and finally adopted as a National Standard.  Further Standards Committees at each level has in its composition Users, Experts, Government Bodies, Consumers and Manufacturers etc., thus all concerned with a Secretary to co-ordinate.  Amazing is it not?
Old habits side very hard. My active participants consist of such a mixed composition Therefore my discourses are whetted through such a cross section of people concerned with Hindu Culture, Religion, Temple Traditions and Spirituality and forms the ideal information available for our serious thinking and guidance. You may   now understand how I have been able to serve you with the Wisdom Thoughts   from our Gurus and learned Pundits and authors to your foot-steps.  You must also now understand  why I consistently say please send your valuable comments. The proposal for a subject to research upon should come from you like a subject for National Standard   comes from the user and not from me all the time! Gurus are always inspired by the question of their disciples! That is how we have Upanishads today. If you have knowledge however small may be please bring it to light for the benefit of all!
Long back I had a sensational information that the HMV recorded the first mantra of “agnimele puirohitam” which inspired me to gather all the information on the subject and bring it to your benefit, Google as well as global readers more than what a  Guru could have done whose focus is unidirectional towards salvation. This is one of the Top Ten discourses popular with the global Readers.  I got one information on OM recording. My discourse on this also very popular. I recently got another sensational piece of information as given below from man active participant of mine. Please go through the same  and watch for a surprising discourse. At present I would like to say just:
I must at once   focus on  aspect of Vishnu with Swaadhya, Satsanga and Satkarma  and then  rush to buy   a crystal mala for  my spiritual evolution  and start Abhishekam to a Crystal Linga!
“Does anyone know which is the oldest known taperecorder?”
Nobody was able to answer.
Then Maha Periyavaa asked another question.“How did Vishnu Sahasranamam come to us?”
Someone said Bheeshma gave it to us. All agreed.
Then Maha Periyavaa posed another querry.
“When all were listening to Bheeshma on the battlefield, who took notes at Kurukshetra?” Again silence.
Maha Periyavaa explained… When Bheeshma was glorifying Krishna with Sahasranamam  
Everyone was looking at him including Krishna and Vyasa. 
After he finished the 1000 Namas all opened their eyes. 
The first to react was Yudhistirar.  He said, ‘Pithamaha has chanted 1000 glorious names of Vasudeva.  All of us listened but none of us have noted it down.  The sequence is lost’. 
Then all turned to Krishna and asked for His help.  As usual He said, ‘I also was listening like the rest of you.  What can we do?’
Then all beseeched Krishna to help them recover the precious rendition.  Then Krishna said,
‘It can only be done by Sahadeva and Vyasa will write it down.
’ Everyone wanted to know how Sahadeva could do it. Krishna replied, ‘Sahadeva is the only one amongst us wearing SUTHA SPATIKAM.  If he prays to Shiva and does dhyanam he can convert the SPHATIKA into waves of sound and Vyasa can write it down.  Then, both Sahadeva and Vyasa, sat in the same place, under where  Bheeshma  had recited the Sahasranamam.  Sahadeva started the dhyanam to recover the sound waves from the Spatika.
The nature of Sphatika is that it will capture sounds in a calm environment which can be got back with proper dhyanam of Maheswara who is Swethambara and SPHATIKA. 
So, the world’s earliest tape recorder is this SPATIKA which gave us the wonderful Vishnu Sahasranama.  
When Maha Periyavaar explained this all were stunned…  From the Spatika recording, VSN came to us thru Vyasa.
Please watch out for my another sensational discourse on the subject and with spiritual focus!
Comments: Fascinating information; it is very interesting and pleas keep up the good work on
--November 6, 2016
 The migration of Hindus and Buddhists from India to the Americas from Alaska to the Andes, their establishing colonies there and spreading their religion and culture millennia before Columbus is now a well-recognized fact. The Americanist Congress held in the Mexico City in 1962, where a number of learned papers supporting this theory were presented, is the proof of this.  The City of Hastinupara on the out-skirts of Buenos Aires on which I gave a discourse in the past is acknowledgement of that history! The Incas and Peru were none other than the Hindus who had migrated by land and sea from India.  It is interesting to note the word Maya (Illusion and a famous architec itself is Sanskrit perhaps one of the words popularly quoted and discussed. Also thee article attache misses  a reference to Maya the Architect who built a magical pool in the Darbar  hall of Yudhisahtira where Duryodhana was   made fun off.
The attached article from IndiaDivine.Org is not only very beautiful but very important article. Such ancient historical matters should be introduced in school books so that the present younger generation at least come to know of it which were suppressed twisted by the 18th-19th century Western historians. I have earlier received lot of protest notes and discontentment about the revised history syllabus from our Hindu National spirited and wounded Hindu Americans who had not forgotten the Mother Country of  Origin though India refused to give us dual citizenship with an eye-wash CIO,  and pained by the  meddling of The State with wrong history introduced and taught in schools in California.   Instead sending protest letters to the concerned we should feed these fresh materials and also insist that India should periodically correct  the wrong history taught in schools if the information is already in their knowledge or consideration.  I believe California depends   on Wrong History taught in Schools in India more than anything else! 70 years of independence of India should be more than enough to revise the history on facts and to get rid of the wrongly coined words of Hindu and Hinduism but India is happy for petty corrections of A City's name like Baroda, Madras, Culcutta etc. Please go through my article “Why I am called Hindu and my following Hinduism”.  What bothers me is after having migrated why our visions are not broadened to give a deep thought not only on Hindus from the mainland of India but also those  Hindu migrants who have  come from the south East, Far East , Africa, England etc.  Some of them had lost touch with India for generations and yet preserved Hinduism and do not understand the Hindus from Main land, This warrants us that we should  take the initiative to restore the pristine glory of "eko Viprah bahuda vadanti"--the One pundits call many; "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam"--the whole worlds is One Family, "Krinavanto Viswamaaryam"-- let us ennoble the world and even  say "Uttishthata, Jagrata"-0Arise! Awake!
This  powerful message India.Divine.Org and the messages I send from powerful Swami Chidanada, Pramarth Niketan  etc. have  an organizational support and a dedicated team who have put to use all tjhe skill of modern IT Technology while I have struggled hard to work single handed with   my struggling word-processor knowledge with no organizational support at an advanced age which I hope will have its impact on every one of your minds and the Blog readers. 300 discourses with lot of references not to only our scriptures and Vedas as well as   scriptures of major religion of the land and culture I live in, reputed religious writers,  Swmijis and Gurus,  should influence our lives and serve the society we live in. Imagine what we can do as a TEAM! Together We Can! My salutation to  the publication Divisions of Hawaaii Temple  (removing some wrong  notions of Indian history) and Atlanta Temple of Georgia whose help I draw when needed which should inspire all our Hindu temples and Hindu Cultural societies.
 I draw your kind attention to the attached article and lot of material sent in the past. The best and most complete of all such calendars, at present, as vouched for by the learned Brahmins of Southern India, is the already mentioned Tamil calendar called the “Tirukkanda Panchanga,” compiled, as we are told, from, and in full accordance with, secret fragments of Asuramâya’s data. As Asuramâya is said to have been the greatest astronomer, so he is whispered to have also been the most powerful “Sorcerer of the WHITE ISLAND, which had become BLACK with sin,” i.e., of the islands of Atlantis.
There is definitely an important connection between the old Vedic people and Maya-ancestors. The Mayas are actually referred to in The Mahabharata, one of the main Hindu scriptures, as a tribe having left the Indian subcontinent. There are sources who have revealed those people to be the same as the Nagas, one of the oldest Indian tribes recorded. Those Nagas seem to have been a people, later called Danavas, with a capital Nagapur. They are referred to in another main Hindu-scripture, the Ramayana, as belonging to a Naga-Maya tribe, who is said to have transmitted their culture towards Babylonia, Egypt and Greece.”
 Recirculate, Reverberate and Rejuvenate Ancient Sanat Kumara Tradition of Universal God, Universal Oneness and  World as One Family –the  Wisdom  of  Vedas!
Comments received:
One of the best article with extensive information about Mayan Origin in Ancient South India. 

Thanks for sharing this information which is a lesson in learning from you. Your great effort to come out with this article is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for educating me on this new (hidden) chapter.
 --- November 4, 2016

Diwali Message from Pujya Chidananda Saraswati  from Rishikesh
Let us diminish our egos and allow our selfish desires to be burnt away in the flame of divine consciousness; See the same Self in all and behold  Bhudevi  besides Sridevi. They are inseparable in all Vishnu processional deities-- When you give you take. If you give your best to   Nature (Mother Earth) she will profusely reward you"-- These are the wisdom Thoughts and wise advice from Poojya  from Poojya Chidananada Saraswathi of  Rishikesh for today's Lakshmi Puja and Diwali final Celebration. Bhai Duj and Gujarati New year Vikram Era will follow. This is the final message for Diwali 2016 I am ordained and honored to forward you these messages with his blessings  to you. WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY DIWALI.
Dear Divine Souls,
I hope that -- by God's divine grace -- this finds you all in the best of health and happiness at this sacred and auspicious time of Diwali, the Festival of Light.
Diwali is a holiday of joy; it is the time when we gather with loved ones, celebrating our family, our friends and the prosperity that the light of God has bestowed upon us. And yet, this precious time of Diwali offers us so much more than the lamps, parties and sweets we use to celebrate this occasion. The festival of Diwali offers us all a beautiful opportunity to pause, reflect and bring ourselves back into alignment, putting the divine at the centre of our lives. This makes Diwali our divine holy day.
There are three main aspects of Diwali that I would like us to take time to remember and contemplate as we prepare not only our homes, but our hearts, for this divine festival.
The first is the celebration of Light. Diwali is celebrated as the time at which Lord Ram returned to the city of Ayodhya after being exiled for fourteen years. The people of Ayodhya were overjoyed at the return of their Divine King and welcomed Him. They filled the streets of the city with brightly burning lamps. The lamps symbolized the joy at His homecoming and were a beautiful representation of acknowledging the return of the divine light in their lives.
The symbolism of this is truly beautiful. We do not merely celebrate Diwali as a historical remembrance or to enjoy the gaiety of lighting our own streets and homes. Rather, the true meaning of the lighting of the diyas (lamps) is to signify the return of God's light in our life, allowing His light to burn away the veils of ignorance that diminish us in our daily lives. When we create a home that is shining in divine light, we create a home in which anger, pain and ingnorance cannot dwell; but instead love, unity, peace and abundance prosper.
And yet how do connect to this divine light within and let it truly shine in the world? We can see an answer in the Diwali Diya itself, which traditionally is made of a clay pot, oil and a wick. Let us use the following analogy of the diya to help us see how we can shine forth our own divine light. Let us think that the vessel of the clay pot represents us; the wick represents our ego and the oil represents our selfish desires. When you closely watch a lamp burning, you will see that the flame dances around the wick, which in turn becomes blackened and diminished as it is engulfed by the heat of the flame. If we keep watching, we will see that the flame burns away the oil in the lamp leaving the pot more clear and clean as it empties of oil. Similiarly, when we diminish our egos and allow our selfish desires to be burnt away in the flame of divine conciousness, we will shine our light brightly in the world and I promise you all, my dears, you will see the magic of it!
The second aspect of Diwali, is the significance of the return of Ram to Ayodhya after the 14 years in exile. When Ram returned to Ayodhya and took the throne of the city, it was the beginning of an age called "Ram Rajya" or the rule of Ram. Ram Rajya is referred to, not only in the Ramayana, but in innumerable other literary works, as an age of perfection. It was the age for which we are yearning to return to -- a time of peace, balance, harmony, health and abundance for all. The age of Ram Rajya was one in which all people, let me repeat -- all people -- had sufficient resources, education, training, good health and were loved and cared for.
Ram did not simply wave a magic divine wand and make poverty, illness, illiteracy, malice and despair vanish. Rather, He called upon the citizens of Ayodhya to shine their own divine light and join hands in bringing about the new world order.
In the same way, if we are truly going to celebrate Diwali, we must be prepared to join our hands and create a world in which no one, sleeps hungry, lacks basic education or health care, or is the victim of violence. It is not enough to just light diyas and eat sweets on Diwali. In order to really celebrate we must vow and pledge that from the next morning we will WORK toward creating Ram Rajya here and now in the world. And how can you work to create Ram Rajya in the world? First, it is important to see that the same divine light that shines in you, shines in each and every aspect of all creation. We have been not only created by the Creator, but we have also been created of the Creator. This means to love your brothers and sisters, including all living creatures and aspects of nature as you would yourself. The same way you would not wish harm for yourself or those you love, let that same respect and love guide your actions towards people, situations and the environment so that your actions, prayers and intentions bring about peace, justice and the protection of dharma in the world. It can happen my dears, you are the ones that make Ram Rajya a reality in the world. Let us use this divine time of Diwali to use our hands, our hearts and minds to really help create heaven on earth today.
The third aspect of Diwali I wish to share with you is worship of Maha Lakshmi, the Divine Feminine and the Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance. However, it is common for many to mistakenly perceive Maha Lakshmi as the Goddess of tangible wealth, to whom we pray when we want financial improvements in life, but true wealth is not the amount of assets we have accrued. True wealth is the light which shines forth from within us; it is our cup which runs over with love, compassion, gratitude, service and peace. If we have these divine qualities in our lives, truly we will know the meaning of abundance in our lives.
Maha Lakshmi is the Divine Mother. Her energy is that of giving an nurturing, just like the Sun and Mother Ganga: giving without any hesitation, vacation or discrimination.
This beautiful and sacred Divine Feminine is unfortunately, what we as society, are destroying and allowing to be destroyed. Whether in the form of Mother Ganga, sister rivers, Mother Nature, Mother Earth or our human daughters, sisters and mothers - the Divine Feminine is manifest in them all and yet we openly disprerect and desecrate the manifestation of the divine female energy in the world.
As we worship Maha Lakshmi and perform puja to the Divine Feminine during Diwali, we must reflect and ask ourselves if we are, indeed, desecrating the very living, breathing feminine in our lives.
Tragically, every day, three billion litres of sewage and chemicals contaminate the Mother Ganga alone. Every year, millions of trees are cut down in India alone, leaving behind lifeless topsoil that cascades down from mountainsides during the monsoons, destroying villages and lives in its wake. We may not actually pour the chemicals in the rivers ourselves, but we must become fully aware of each of the products we purchase and ask ourselves what chain are we creating that links us to the toxin being poured in the river or the poor pay or conditions in the factory making the clothes and goods we buy. Our own culture teaches us to pray for and to our atmosphere, our rivers, our mountains and our plants, let us remember that our actions, direct or indirect, should not be simultaneously destroying that which we claim to hold sacred.
In India and other countries around the world, nearly one in three women are victims of domestic violence and cases of rape and other atrocities are high. In India, sixty-eight percent of women are abused in some way. Even when they are not being hit, many of our mothers and sisters are still prone to abuse. Women and children are fearful every night when they must forage outdoors for a place in which to heed the call of nature, simply because they do not have toilets. Nearly twenty-five percent of India’s daughters will drop out of school, mainly for the lack of toilets, adding to an unseen toll of poverty, desperation and pain.
In destroying the creation, or permitting the creation to be destroyed, we are in fact, destroying the handiwork of the Creator and turning our backs on Maha Lakshmi.
For this festival of lights, let us instead resolve to be the light ourselves. Instead of asking Maha Lakshmi for the bounty of financial wealth, let us instead ask how we may restore that bounty for the world through the preservation of nature and the up-liftment of our brothers and sisters in need. In planting a tree, we are planting the grace of Maha Lakshmi. In cleaning our rivers, we are cleaning Her glorious form. In stopping any instances of violence against women and girls, we are protecting Her. By controlling our shopping habits, consuming less and restricting our desires we protect our finite resources from being plundered from the earth, a process that causing innumerable damage and pollution.
In giving a toilet to a household or a school, we are similarly bringing forth the light; making our world cleaner, and safeguarding the innocent from needless suffering. One single burning candle can light innumerable other candles.
On this Diwali, let us not only light the oil lamps but let us become the lamps which bring light to ourselves and to others. Instead of throwing fireworks into the sky, causing air and noise pollution; let us become the fireworks, illuminating this world through the goodness of our deeds and the selflessness of our actions.
It begins with one tree, one toilet, or even picking up one piece of litter from the road or the bank of a river. It continues with the switching off of one light, the protecting of one girl, one woman, or one resource. From here begins a chain of light that can propel us forth into a new era. My dear brothers and sisters, let us together make the resolution and launch a new era of light in which all may bask. Hope and light are in your hands on this Diwali day.
If we can take a pledge on this Diwali Day to truly be the light and help bring in an era of Ram Rajya, then the lights of our lamps will continue to burn not only for a few hours but on and on throughout the year and for years to come. The whole world will be blessed with the light you shine.
May God bless you all!
With much love and blessings to you all and all your loved ones,
In the service of God and humanity,
Swami Chidanand Saraswati

October 30, 2016

*If There be a Paradise on Earth it is  Venkateswara and if there is God on Earth today  it is Sanatana, Skanda or Murugan that is Balaji
Wisdom comes when we learn to see secular culture for what it is and then rise above it.  Wisdom comes when we confront our egos and wisdom comes when we can surround ourselves with people who have spiritual depth and compassion and not money minded priests and astrologers. If we are unable to do this, the secular culture will eat us alive, keep restless and lonely and leave us devoid of spiritual meaning and fulfillment. For this we have to look back how we were once strong in our spiritual culture and spread the message round the globe that had impact on all faiths and beliefs.  We need to focus on Universal Oneness, fusion not fission, and understand that Truth is One and common for all.  The world is One family—Vasudeka Kutumbakam.  Esoteric Sanat Kumara Tradition that came out of Hinduism had a very strong influence on people but people went out of it for convenience to work as small esoteric  groups  but always had a focus on Sanat Kumara but in the process got lost!
During the 15th century the first English version of the Bible was written by William Tyndale Unfortunately he was accused of blasphemy and later burned at the stake! After Tyndale, seven subsequent versions of the Bible were written, the last of which was the most popular King James version, compiled a by a large number of theologians under the leadership of King James of England in 1611.  Under British Rule Church and State were together. Unluckily even the first version had more than three hundred errors in it. The Islamic fundamentalists of those days could not fully grasp those great masters and all of them were put to death.  Origen tried to incorporate much of the beliefs of Greeks and Hindus in the sixth century but they were officially condemned in the Second Council of Constantinople as anathema.   The teachings of Origen on reincarnation were expunged from Church doctrine,   never to return. Gnostics, like Hindus believed   in an impersonal God—a nameless, unknowable being called The “Abyss” or Brahman. Gnosticts also taught that redemption from sin does not involve the death of Jesus Christ. Redemption is simply each person’s effort   to secure   emancipation from the physical body. Gnostics believed in spiritual discovery discussed at length in various Upanishads. Christians by their claim to possess “gnosis” or knowledge (Veda also means) knowledge coming from the Sanskrit word root vid to know) secretly revealed to them by an unknown God. Like us they believed that man is part and parcel of God, a divine spark (mamaivamso jeevabhootah sanatanah) and that achieving true knowledge is the ultimate goal of a human being. So early Christianity could not tolerate all those ideas of the Roman, Greek belief systems, backed by god–inspired scriptures of Hinduism (Puranas) and Christianity respectively. Now with the new IT marvels such authentic materials are lifting up their head. Let us examine some of these in the present context.
Compared to  many religious scriptures  Vedas and Upanishads are kept intact with no major   or  repeated house cleaning  with the original  content in the well-developed  Sanskrit language   unlike the Western Scriptures of ancient scripts and therefore  it is logical  to  take   the  Vedic dictum Vedokhilam Dharmamoolam that Vedas are final authority as  sound   basis. Let me start therefore   start this discourse with a quote from Chhandogya Upanishad.
Sanat Kumara in Islam
Sanat Kumara is referenced in the Koran, in Rumi’s poetry and in other Islamic work as El Khidr. Speaking of El Khdir, the Prophet Mohammed says, “I have seen my Lord in the most beautiful of forms.”
Sanat Kumara in Judaism and Christianity
 Sanat Kumara is the presence of the Flying Eagle, recorded by John and by the Prophet Ezekiel. He is the Presence of the Lamb in the book of Revelation who stands with the 144,000 for the descent of the New Jerusalem.
Since the late 1800s, a number of spiritual movements have mentioned Sanat Kumara in their writings. These include books by HP Blavatsky, the I AM (Jehovah--Aham Bramhasmi--Upanishad Mahavakya) Movement, the Bridge to Freedom, Werner Shroeder,   Lead  Beater and Annie Besant.  
Sanat Kumara is invoked throughout the Old Testament as “The Lord Thy God,” who delivers the Ten Commandments and the Pentateuch (five first books of the Old Testament) to Moses.
And ultimately, when he gives us the first commandment:
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy
Hindu Scriptures Say:
Venkataadri samam sthaanam  brahmaande  naasti kanchana |
Venkatesa sama devo na bhooto na bhavishyati ||
There is no place equal to Tirupati on Earth (like Vatican to Roman Catholics where the Son of God can be  identified  with Sanat Kumara) and there is no God equal to Venkateswara who was in the past nor will be in the future.
If there be any Paradise on Earth it is Venkatadri Hills. If there be any God on Earth today it is Sanat Kumara or Skanda or Murukan or Kumara known to all religions in the ancient past. This brings forth the prediction of Swami Vivekananda that Vedanta is the Religion of the Future presented to the World Forum in Chicgo century back and declared there is but One God
 “Ekam Avyaktm Anantaroopam”One without a second imperceptible limitless in form (MNU)
Dyaavaaprithivyau Deva Ekah”—The Self-luminous Reality is one without a second and is the creator of Heaven and Earth (MNU)
You will get a detailed discourse in due course against this background! You convince yourself after going through the text attached on quotes on Sanat Kumara and how things have been expunged from   the minds of the People of the World and dismiss as PAGAN and GNOSISM. But in present day IT Technology nothing can be hidden and everything becomes transparent like Hillary Clinton's E-mail. These are HR   Hindu Reflection’s   Probe into East-West   Esoteric Sanatana Tradition   that   ruled the World once but removed from the sight of the world by religions including Hinduism! I crave your indulgence and patienc  to   go through this Very important E-Mail  and why I talk of UNIVERSAL ONENESS and DEVA EKAH!
October 30, 2016
Conclusion of  Dussehra 2016
Yesterday, on Vijaya Dasmi day, I concluded my Valmiki Ramayana Parayana.  I also attended Ramayan path conclusion ceremony   in our Ganesha Temple though I did not have such big ears as Ganesha, andwith the handicap of reduced hearing due to advanced age amidst loud noise.   Ramayana Parayana needs deeper concentration and thinking.  Parayana and Upanyasa guide Path which means lessons we have to learn and add to our knowledge.  Unfortunately we believe this is   an easy and mechanical ritual to find Highway to Heaven just like Ganesha did going round his parents unlike Kartikeya.   Some feel even just listening  to Ramayan Path absolves all our sins and lifts us to Heaven? 
I was particularly focused on Aditya Hridaya Chapter 105 of Yuddha Kaanda.  Why did Agastya administer Aditya Hridaya Mantra and not Aditya Devata stotara? Aditya-Hridaya means Brahman installed in the orb of the Sun and so this is a mantra for meditation on Brahman. Indeed there are twelve Adityas and I have to pass through 12 orbs to reach Brahman which is not easy.   My priests have always told me that I should do at least Surya puja if not Navagraha Puja. My Yoga teacher always told me that I should start my Yoga practice standing before the Sun doing Surya Namaskar. Also this mantra says   Adity Hridaya is “Nakshatra Graha Taranam   Adhipatih” – Brahman is the controller of all Lunar Mansions, Planets and Stars. Again my Pundit tells me you do Navagraha Puja every day or at least on Saturday with sesame candle, reducing Sun also to planet level and elevating moon and nodal points to planets. I was also told in Rameswaram Rama worshiped Navagrahas for Dosha Parihara. Rama worshiped no Navagrahas or even the Star Sun but meditated on Aditya-Hridaya.  The Bhagavata Purana (10-70) records that Krishna sat up every morning for meditation merging himself with transcendental Self.  Do both Rama and Krishna need this meditation? Born as Human beings they wanted us to guide us in the spirituality and art of meditation.
Hinduism in congregational worship realizes its confusion that needs consolidation. Venkateswara with his magic spell on millions has come to the rescue as the symbolic deity of Parabrahman and Parasakti as seen in almost every Hindu American Temple. Of late Jagannatha Philosophy with its all-inclusive philosophy of Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and even Christianity is drawing equal attention. But they miss two strong arguments in favor of Jagannatha worship for Universal Worship—One, the Daru-Brahman worship mentioned in Rigveda  and the reference in Ramayana  to the advice of Sri Rama to Vibhishana  which is also his advice to us: In Sarga 108, Slokas 30-31   he said  to Vibhishana:  “Rakshsendra Mahaa bala! Aaraadhaya Jagannaatham Ikshvaaku Kuladaivatam | Aaraadhaneeyamanisam devairapi savaasavaih ||”—O mighty Rakshasa King! Worship Lord Jagannatha the presiding deity of Ikshvaaku dynasty. He (Vishnu) is to be worshiped   even by the Devas (divines) together with Indra”. This reference is to Jagannatha of Pullani where Dasaratha worshiped Jagannatha for  begetting children with  his three wives,  followed by Rama for his success  to cross the sea building a bridge  across where Jagnnatha successively appeared as  Aswattha Tree, Koorma Salagrama and then as Jagannatha with Sridevi and Bhudevi to his ardent devotees.   
Most of the American Jains align themselves with Hinduism and participate in religious worship in Hindu American temples. They have also liberally contributed   for building the temples and I know personally Albany Temple is one.   Here they have consecrated Mahavir Vardhamana much to the dislike of the sectarian priest and some conservative American Hindus.  Here they would have been wiser if they had installed the idol of Rishaba the Ford Founder (The first Teerthankara) and the founder of Jainism whose arrival Valmiki predicted in Ramayana”.  Valmiki   says in the last chapter of Uttara Khanda Sloka 10: “Ayodhyaapi Puree ramyaa soonyaa varshaganaan bahoon| Rishabham praapya Rajagnam nivaasamupaayaasyati"-- the beautiful Ayodhya remaining desolate for long years, will become habitable again having secured the protection of King Rishabha. Rishabha is an incarnation of Vishnu acceptable to both Jains and Hindus like Buddha about which I have talked in detail.  
Culturally same, migrant Buddhists and Neo-Buddhists from India   in USA  have  succeeded in  consecrating Buddha  in Hindu Temples by  contributing  liberally to Hindu temples.   Liberal Hindus supported by Jaideva   and later Chaitanya Mahaprabhu  have well    fixed Buddha in Dasvatara where he is ninth avatar as Guru although as a saint misses his consort Lakshmi like Narasimha.  As we all know Jagannatha was worshiped as a Jain deity for some time and even today Buddhists in India believe that Brahma Padartha is the tooth of Lord Buddha.  Some Christians in India  pray to Jagannath as Our Lord, a deity with no distinct shape, sex or form and identified with Holy Father and Holy Spirit.
Thus Ramayana supports Jaganntha Philosophy, strongly supports Hindus as a deity acceptable a to all Faiths and makes the job our founding fathers  of temples easy to install One deity for all, promoting the concept of Eko Viprah bahuda Vadant” focusing on few grand rituals and  festivals attracting maximum crowd and financial support.This is a  wonderful effort of American Hindus to serve the needs of  their children married to other faiths, Inter Faith   and Universal Oneness aspirants. I have mentioned before that even Muslims worship Jagannatha!
Rama worshiped only Parabrahman Jagannatha    in Ramayana as Tree or Salagrama or Linga and also meditated on Parabrahman as Aditya Hridaya and showed us the way for  Moorti Upasana (iconic worship) and Temple Traditions. I will soon elaborate on this subject. Valmiki Ramayana is Adikavaya and its authenticity cannot be questioned like that of Vedas! Ramayana ends with the benediction: "Pravyaaharata vistrabhdam  balam Vishnoh pravardhataam"--May the power of Vishnu grow immensely (that we see in Venkateswara and Jagannatha which all of us need to focus), who have their pride sanctums in One Temple for Many Traditions though not  in presiding  deity status! Your comments are welcome along with what further you have learnt from this annual  event. I spent 40 days to go through quickly 24000 slokas. Probably I have to go round the year to learn more!
[Excellent article with lot of information which is very revealing]. 
 October 12, 2016

Happy Diwali 2016

Someone reminded me that Diwali is the Festival of lights and celebration. Spread the festive spirit among your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues and loved ones with warm and heartfelt Happy Diwali E-mails. Share with them the spirit of this joyous occasion and make their Diwali a memorable one.  Oh it is a nice thing, isn’t it? A social gathering.  Go and meet and exchange sweets.  But I thought differently having received messages from great Gurus! Meanwhile I was spiritually aroused by the message from Swami Chidananda which I had forwarded to you.  I believe he wanted me to spread the message around!   Such thoughts and feed backs spiritually motivate me to come with new ideas and elevate myself too! This day happens to be New Year for some though as Hindu American I will celebrate Gregorian New Year (for it is a Christian religious day) on Auspicious Makara Sankranti Day nearest to January 1 and an auspicious day of Tamil Thai 1 which remained as law for some time but thrown out by Jayalalita.  I would rather wait for an auspicious day as our Sastras say the worships on other days will not go waste but will not bring full results. Rama waited for auspicious Panguni Uttiram for his wedding without horoscope consultation and also marched his battalion of Monkeys and bears for his success in the War.

DiwaIi or (Deepāvali) has the background, as is popular, in the epics. One version is connected to the story where Sri Krishna vanquishes the demon Naraka. The Upanishads however take us to a different height of understanding of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. We will talk about it again during Kartik Pournima.   The lightning and the fire we enjoy cannot give light without the blessings of the Light of the Self.   | na tatra suryo bhāti na chandra-tārakam | nemā vidyuto bhānti kuto'yam-agnih ... Katha Upanishad 2.2.15 / There the sun does not shine! Nor the stars and the Moon. They all shine because of the Etrenal Effulgence! Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.10 | jyotishām-api tad-jyotih, tamasah param-uchyate | Geeta 13.17--That, The Light of all lights is said to be beyond darkness. Divi  Surya sahasrasya bhavedyugapadutthitaa | Yad bhaaah sadrisee saa syaadbhaasitasya Mahaatmanah || --If the effulgence of a thousand suns were to blaze forth all at once in the sky, that might   resemble the Effulgence of the mighty Being (Universal Light).  Swami Chidananda as I informed you will be soon addressing you with his wisdom thoughts on the subject.   Am I ready for that? No I would say. Upanishads say such mantras are sacred and imparted to the few who have the desired soil. I have to prepare the ground and fertilize before I proceed. I do not know about you?

Prag-Jyotisha-Pura means a City of Eastern Light (now identified with Gauhati). This city was plunged in darkness due to the atrocities of Narakasura (son of Mother Earth) who had kept 16000 damsels under captivity. Before Narakasura's death, he requested a boon from his mother, Satyabhama (Avatar of Earth), that everyone should celebrate his death with colorful light. Thus this day is celebrated as 'Naraka Chaturdashi' - the day before Diwali.  Krishna's and Satyabhama's victory on Narakasura translated into freedom for all his prisoners and honoring of Aditi. Having rescued the 16,000 women, Krishna married them to restore them to their former dignity unlike Rama who questioned his chaste wife even after she proved her chastity by entering fire! Who knows the ways of Gods and   judge his mind! Rama returned on this day to A-yodhya, City Unconquerable that went to dim-light when Rama was exiled for 14 years and restored it its original bright light. He was the walking light! I believe it was till then getting light from City of Eastern Light for dharma prevailed under Bharata’s rule. Narakasura stood in between casting his darkest shadow on Pragjyotishapura hindering the transmitted light radiance to a great extent though not completely. We read in school about “The Land of the Rising Star; and “Sun never sets in British Empire”. In fact Sun never sets are takes rest. It is our wrong perception.  The Self within us, (Mamaivamso Jeevabhootah), the spark from the Eternal Light of Thousand Stars (divisoorya Sahasrasya) and (Sarvamidam vibhaati) and the reason why all other luminescent bodies shine is known to rare few is everlasting and ever-shining. It only shifts its home when needed and finds a new home as we Americans do often! Lord Krishna on Naraka Chaturdasi eliminated that hindrance. Familiar with Krishna as his relative Narakasura never could see neither the Sahasra Soorya    in Him nor the blazing Sudarsana Chakra he rarely carried.
I have not understood Diwali being a Diwala nor “Aavali” in Depaavali that removes darkness everywhere constantly from that One Source.  I do parrot chanting of “Dipam Jyoti Parabrahama”
I believe it is the Self in me (the inner light)  that never burns out gives rise to Flame that is Brahman the ever  expanding “Flames of Fire” named “I AM THAT I AM” which Moses witnessed in wilderness to receive Ten Commandments, to cover the entire  ever-expanding Universe.  Brahman means ever expanding and not a name male or female! I began my study of Physics on Light with the thought, “The chapter of Light begins with what is Light and ends with what is Light?”,   and still I am struggling hard to know the spark of light in me which is the tiny speck of that Eternal light. How can I then understand that Eternal Light?

Meanwhile I got another message from Sri Ravi Sankar which I do not want to treasure myself:

For an oil lamp to burn, the wick has to be in the oil, yet out of the oil. If the wick is drowned in oil, it cannot bring light. Life is like the wick of the lamp; you have to be in the world yet remaining untouched by it. If you are drowned in the materialism of the world, you cannot bring joy and knowledge in your life.

“Lamps are lit on this day not just to decorate homes, but also to communicate this profound truth. By lighting the lamp of wisdom in you, you light up hidden values and by acquiring knowledge you awaken all the facets of your being. When they are lit and awakened, it is Diwali. Don’t be satisfied with lighting just one lamp; light a thousand, for you need to light many lights to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

Another profound symbolism is in the firecrackers. In life, you often become like a firecracker, waiting to explode with your pent-up emotions, frustration and anger. When you suppress your emotions, cravings, aversions, hatred, you reach a bursting point. Bursting crackers is a psychological exercise to release bottled-up emotions. Let go of these emotions, so serenity dawns. You can experience newness when you discard these pent-up emotions. Diwali means to be in the present, so drop the regrets of the past and the worries of the future and live in the moment. Sweets and gifts symbolize the dispelling of the bitterness and renewal of friendship. Celebration includes the spirit of seva or service. Share. In giving, we receive.
Light the lamp of love in your heart; the lamp of abundance in your home; the lamp of compassion to serve others; the lamp of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance and the lamp of gratitude for the abundance that the Divine has bestowed on us.
[Sri Sri Ravi Shankar]

October 28, 2016
[A beautiful meaning for the festival]

Spiritual Thoughts for The Day

Hindu Americans will be wiser to have only Venkateswara  focusing on Parabrahman for worship in all Hindu American Temples instead of having  galaxy of Devatas with no focus on  Eko Devah to go   around and around with no direction. If they want to be in Interfaith Forum and attract all religions also to  Sanatana Dharma and Spirituality.   This I do not say because I am a South Indian   or my name is Srinivasan but based on deep study of Vedas Upanishads and Purans where it says Skanda is Sanat Kumara and Sanat Kumara is Skanda, a visionary evergreen youth of Brahma, his first creation. Lord Venkateswara was worshiped for long as Skanda   or Murukan (Mu=Mukunda; Ru=Rudra; Ka=Katyayini and so Muruka is both Prasakti and Parabrahman and Guru Guha  the very cavity of or spiritual heart of all Gurus). Though I am a Vaishnavite I say this  based on my deep study and Conviction. Esoteric Traditions from all the World hail Skanda as Jagannatha.   You will soon get a detailed discourses with all references.This will help us in consolidating our worship focused on one deity with significant rituals and festivals concentrating on Supreme Spirit who is none other than the Holy Spirit of Christianity, Jehova of Jews, Allah of Islam, Buddha of Buddhists, Vardhamana of Jains, etc. Thus Hindus will go back to Sanatana Dharma or Vedic religion which proclaims “Eko Viprah bahudaa vadnti-The One Pundits call by many names” moving away from sectarian based Hinduism as is practiced today.  This would aim at universal peace and harmony with its lofty ideals sarvejanaah sukhino bhavantu-May all live happily!  krinvanto viswamaaryam-Let us ennoble the World!  Aano bhadrantu kratavah-Let noble thoughts come from all directions etc. All spiritual seekers will be attracted to Sanatana Dharama and worship of Venakateswara who is Skanda for Hindus,  Sanatkumara   acclaimed as Jaganntha by all Esoteric  Traditions--Supreme Spirit  or Universal Person and progress  towards Universal Oneness. Otherwise we can ciontinue to be at Kindergarten level  with Modkahasta Ganesha and Navanita chora  or Uriyadi Krishna level for ever and  relax 

One’s knowledge of God is limited by one’s capacity to understand him – (Dr. S Radhakrishnan)
One’s knowledge of God is limited by one’s capacity to understand him.
The aim of the reformer should be to cure the defect and not criticize the view.
Error is only a sign of immaturity. It is not a grievous sin.
The Hindu method of religious reform helps to bring about a change not in the name but in the content.
When the pupil approaches his religious teacher for guidance, the teacher asks the pupil about his favorite God, Ishtadevata, for every man has a right to choose that form of belief and worship which most appeals to him. The teacher tells the pupil that his idea is a concrete representation of what is abstract, and leads him gradually to an appreciation of the Absolute intended by it.


Convert your stumbling block into a stepping one – Swami Rama Tirtha

Vedanta says that your relations and connections ought to be an aid to you and not an obstacle. Everything you meet in this world should be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. Convert your stepping stone into a stepping one.
People are ambitious because they cannot go against the all possessing nature of the soul or true self.
… he owns nothing, but on his face you find the bloom of happiness, and you find his muscles so strong and his arms so well built. He goes about in such a happy, cheerful, jolly mood, humming tunes of joy.
The more you get, the more you become greedy, niggardly and less happy. Happiness lies not in accumulation of wealth but in content only.

 Vajra Deha – Human Body as Strong as Diamond
Vajra Deha is an unusual type of yogic achievement mentioned in the Yogasutra. Vajra deha is a human body, which has attained the strength of a diamond.

The human body is made out of Panchabhutas or five elements. When the earth element responsible of hardness attains special dominance, the body can attain the hardness of a diamond.
The belief is that such a body becomes so strong that no weapon made of any metal can harm it.
Sage Dadhici is believed to have attained such a body by the power of his penance.

It is also believed that in Ayurveda there are specific medicines that can give a person Vajra Deha.

[Well said Srinivasan.  We are still at Kindergarten level.  Narayan]
October 26, 2016

*Hindu community needs to consolidate and Progress for their survival and in Spreading the message of SANATANA DHARMA for Universal Oneness
I bow my head in reverence to your yeoman service to the Hindu Community bringing home Temple Traditions from India and your philanthropic sacrifice.  You have been with me for long go through my long discourse sometimes and e-mails though not find time for deep study. I would like draw your kind attention to three of my discourses which have focused thoughts on Hindu  temple Traditions in USA. I have also heard the pain and embarrassment caused by major religions of the country from you. I only focus on the know-how, unlike you who focus equally on the Show-how and the Do-how, with my advanced age at 86 which has to come to an end soon.  Looking at what is happening to Hindu migrants   and the growing inter-faith and Inter-race  marriages we will soon pass on to atheist or moving away from the complex Hindu Temple traditions in USA that had been made complicated by trying to bring in religions that came out of Sanatana  Dharma and copying India. You might be aware Hindus in India have also been conscious to complications of Hindu Temple t traditions and started house-cleaning in Tiruvaiyar and Puri. Their earlier concept of Siva-Vishnu Temples did not catch-up. I have made reference to the same in my discourse. We have to leave behind a good sustainable legacy, learning from our past mistakes and the need for future generations understanding the present so that the efforts you have put are well preserved and will also make all faiths to be co-operative and appreciative if not attract for we are not a proselytizing religion.  Around 100 years back Swami Vivekananda said Vedanta is the Religion of the Future—Arise, awake, and move forward—Utthitshthata,Jagrata, Charaibeti, Charaibeti.
I watched four festivals and rituals in our temples— Subhramanya and his consorts Consecration, Conclusion of Ramayan path, Jagnnath Nav Nirman and   Durga puja. I do not know where these Hindu American crowd came from who we do not see other festival days. It was purely sectarian   but the dinner hall had devotees drawn all traditions and full. This is highly deplorable form a very highly educated Hindu American society.  May be our Temple Traditions are wrong in not focusing them to all traditions well. We have many such days like that influenced by sectarian priests and groups! Only festival attended by all is Diwali!  This needs thinking where equal participation is called for by  all American Hindus. It calls for consolidation and focus.
I therefore draw your kind attention to my three long and pertinent to the need lectures which need your focus in your future work still in draft form. Any suggestions to improve are welcome as they have a global circulation.
October 25, 2016
Festivals and rituals in Hindu American need Cohesion, consolidation and Outreach!
Diwali is the most popular festival celebrated by Hindu Americans in their One Temple for All Traditions in USA. It also brings in all Hindu migrant crowds from the globe as well as those religions that walked out of sacrificial Vedic Religion.  Hindu Americans have been successful to take   this festival to our President Obama.  This year we are more jubilant and will gate-crash post offices for buying Diwali stamps for the Holiday Season. What makes such a unification coming out caste, creed, tradition, sectarian feelings and even religion and race in a migrant country. Drawn from top 10% cream of society from their vision is broad. They see the divergence that brought in  by several Puranas from Universal oneness of Vedic Religion and the same  Puranas that have brought in cohesion--The deities Rama,  Krishna, Lakshmi, Parvati, Kali (lamb sacrifice during Diwali), Yama (bhai duj) and Kubera,  Gujrati  New Year all in one meet in One Hindu temple for many Traditions  all come together on Diwali holiday week-end opening the gateway  for the Festival of Lights Holiday Season of USA  looking forward to Thanks Giving Dinner and  period of no serious work and tension  at their work places talking about holiday season only.
Then why are we confined to sectarian festivals and rituals at a common place of worship and socializing   and not focus on cohesion, consolidation and Universal Oneness about which Vivekananda talked in US on Vedanta--Religion of the Future. How long we should postpone?
I have a list of American Hindu Temple worships and Rituals in mind that can be broad based. These are:
1.        Astronomical Winter   Solstice Day and Summer Solstice Day (international Yoga Day) and not to go by the wrong calculations of our fraudulent astrologers and almanacs Panchangams. Our Sages never went wrong but we did it over centuries to celebrate on a wrong Muhurtam and auspicious day. Such celebrations will not harm but will bring no religious merits also.
2.       Guru Purnima Day--a day to worship the  Avatar  of Vishnu, the giver of knowledge, a  Guru of all Gurus  who gave us Vedas, Upanishadsa and Puranas  to honor our Saints, Swamijis and Teachers  and American-Neo Samijis for Vidyadan.
3.      Kartik Purnima day that brings cohesion with religion that sprung up from Hinduism
4.      Panguni Uttiram to be understood as Phalgun Uttar – the holiest day on which Rama marched his monkey/bear battalion from Kishkinda on which day he married with no consultation to horoscope when also the weddings of Siva-Meenakshi, Subhrahmanya with Valli and  Devasena and  Andal merging with Ranganatha in bridal dress took place. Akshaya Triteeya   not focused on Gold buying craze but on Philosopher’ week to honor Sankara
5.      Celebrating Gregorian New Year on Makara Sankranti Day celebrated by Tamil Nadu once for some time and later rejected by Jayalalita due to political a squabbles.  Pongal, Harvest Day, Bhogi and Lori are  suitable  to Many traditions. After all as Hindu Americans we postpone many festival celebrations to week-ends in temple too! New Year celebration can be postponed to an auspicious nearest Hindu Calendar day.
6.      Worshipping Earth Day-52% wild life including Fish is robbed from earth. We are in the Sixth state of total devastation Mother Earth, Let us honor her and awaken thy duty towards her.
7.      Upakarma Day-- not a day for thread changing for Brahmins alone but Sravan Purnima Sravana day (Avani Avittam), a day for Annual Expiation, Prayschitta (Kamokarshheet  Homa) for all and The Sister's Day Rakhee--Siblings day against Sex Crimes and bringing love and affection of Siblings together   like Bhai Duj, during Diwali
8.      Akshaya Triteeya   not focused on Gold buying craze but on Philosopher’ week to honor Sankara, Ramanuja, Rishabha and Basveswara.
No orthodoxy, agamas or sentiments can be against these celebrations, but are more religious!
I have focused these thoughts on Diwali Holiday Season keeping in mind the needs of Hindu Americans drawn from global intellectual Hindus as migrants who no longer look upon with favor caste, creed, faith, false astrology and even outreach to religions that came out of Hinduism, East West Esoteric Sanat Kumara Traditions and Major Culture of the land.

Wish You All a very Happy and Spiritual Progress Diwali!
 appy H
October 27, 2016

May I draw your attention to an interesting column in the Tennessean “For Cubs, 108 may be a truly magic number” 108 carries significance in Astronomy, Spirituality and Religion about which I talked about at great length!  Now it has entered into Sports Myth.
They already wear the black eye ointment on the cheeks (cajole) to ward off effects from evil eyes like Hindus do their pretty kids.
“The number 108 ads to 9 which has to do with completion” Decoz said by e-mail. “It is the number of finality---it’s over and done. It is also global number—meaning it has afar reach. It is s number that represents one for all and all for one. It is therefore one of the best numbers for any group endeavor” He said 1 and 8 are forceful numbers that support the 9.
‘Considering that 9 is carried by these forceful numbers is a very good omen” he said.  “I would say then taken together these numbers definitely point to a past dilemma being resolved an obstacle overcome, a negative energy removed or neutralized”
 De Porte, who has been flooded by Cubs fans submitting evidence of 108 being linked team’s success, scarcely considers the significance of number 9. Never mind the fact nine also happens to be the number of baseball players in a line-up”.
 The Hindu sacred number 108 which has been ridiculed as myth by Western Culture has now entered Sports Arena! Watch for their entry firmly to their Religion Too! Islam has so for stopped at 99 in their prayers.
Please go through my discourse on the subject. Also please find attached discourse on    enigmatic 108.

Here are several documented incidents of Hindu Gods and Saints responding to prayers and devotion of foreigners while staying in India and also blessing people of other religions residing in India. The few instances mentioned here show that God looks at something deeper in devotees than just race, religion or national origin.
Bhoghar Siddhar of Sri Pazhani Dandayudhapani Temple fame was considered by many to be of Chinese origin by birth. Lord Muruga appeared to him and bestowed him all yogic siddhis in spite of his Chinese origin. He crafted the idol of Lord Muruga at the Pazhani Temple and is widely respected as one of the famous 18 Siddhas in Tamil Nadu. It is interesting to note that Muslims too offer prayers to Murugan at this place, though not at the sanctum sanctorum as the Hindus do to the idol of Lord Murugan. The Muslims offer their special prayers at a special niche set in the wall at the back of the sanctum sanctorum. Muslims call the Lord as Palani Baba. This deity is carvced out of wood infusesd with nine herbal medicines to support Siddha theory. You all love Pazhani Panchmritam applied to the deity!
Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh is the richest temple in India attracting crowds of all ages, faiths and nationalities. Lord Venkateswara, the Lord of this temple has been casting hypnotic spell on millions of devotees over centuries. His ability to answer prayers and perform the most improbable miracles is well known. Sir Thomas Munroe and Lord Williams were staunch devotees of the temple, although as non-Hindus they were never permitted to enter.  Both were cured of their incurable diseases, their prayers being answered by Lord Venkateswara. I have my personal life experience too that may not impress you like that of Monroe and Williams and dismissed as halucination!
Among the various documented information available to us Venkateswara of Tirupati presents a magic spell on us. I will be therefore bringing a detailed discourse on this Enigmatic deity. He was worshiped as Skanda for long who is Sanat Kumara as stated in Chandogya Upanishad and in all  Esoteric Traditions of the World including Islam, Christianity and Judaism our worst critics. While Jagannatha of Puri projects a philosophy that will attract back all religions that sprang out of Sanatana Dhrama, Venkateswara philosophy is both exclusive and all-inclusive. This deity is very important to Hindu Americans to focus on one deity consolidating our thoughts and Spread the message of Sanatana Dharma that only lead the World towards Universal Oneness and Spirituality among all religions that are fighting with each other. Temple Traditions in India after going through the process all gods are the same and therefore more the merrier misquoting Gita have now started a process of house cleaning and consolidation which needs particular attention of our Hindu American Philonthropists who have brought in lot of Confusion-ism in Hindu Temples wrongly guided by India while sacrificing so much to promote Hinduism Overseas.
India.Org has brought out an interesting picture of documented evidences on Hindu Gods and Saints that influence foreigners which is worth going through.
October 24, 2016
*Historical Instances of Hindu Gods/Saints Blessing Non-Hindus and Foreigners

There are several documented incidents of Hindu Gods and Saints responding to prayers and devotion of foreigners while staying in India and also blessing people of other religions residing in India. The few instances mentioned here show that God looks at something deeper in devotees than just race, religion or national origin.
1. Pazhani, Tamil Nadu (550 – 300 BCE)
Bhoghar Siddhar of Sri Pazhani Dandayudhapani Temple fame was considered by many to be of Chinese origin by birth. Lord Muruga appeared to him and bestowed him all yogic siddhis inspite of his Chinese origin. He crafted the idol of Lord Muruga at the Pazhani Temple and is widely respected as one of the famous 18 Siddhas in Tamil Nadu.
It is interesting to note that Muslims too offer prayers to Murugan at this place, though not at the sanctum sanctorum as the Hindus do to the idol of Lord Murugan. The Muslims offer their special prayers at a special niche set in the wall at the back of the sanctum sanctorum. Muslims call the Lord as Palani Baba.
 Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh is the richest temple in India attracting crowds of all ages, faiths and nationalities. Lord Venkateswara, the Lord of this temple has been casting hypnotic spell on millions of devotees over centuries. His ability to answer prayers and perform the most improbable miracles is well known. Sir Thomas Munroe and Lord Williams were staunch devotees of the temple, although as non-Hindus they were never permitted to enter.  Both were cured of their incurable diseases, their prayers being answered by Lord Venkateswara.
 2. Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu (1750-1829)
Isanya Desikar (1750-1829) was a Siddha Sannyasin born in the Saiva traditions who lived his latter parts of his life and attained Samadhi in Tiruvannamalai. He exerted a strong influence on the then District Collector Ayton – an Englishman. Ayton lived and breathed the name of Isanya Desikar whom he affectionately called ‘Thatha’ (grandfather). His chronic tuberculosis ailment was cured instantly by Isanya Desikar. Once he crossed over a flooded river by the invisible hand of Isanya desikar and his faith in Him. Isanya Desikar heard his cries from his ashram at the same instant and showed his spiritual powers and moved him to safety. Ayton used to pull the chariot of Lord Arunachaleswarar by himself at the Deepam festival every year chanting Isanya Desikar’s name.
3. Mantralaya, Andhra Pradesh (1800)
It is recorded by the then British Collector of Bellary, Sir Thomas Munro that the great Saint Sri Raghavendra Swamy appeared before him in spirit at Swami’s Samadhi at Mantralaya in 1800, blessed Munro and cleared Munro’s doubts about the extent of land owned by the Swami’s Mutt, nearly 130 years after taking JivaSamadhi in Mantralaya.

4. Shirdi, Maharashtra (19th century)
Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi is said to have given a deserving British officer and his wife who were childless for a long time with the gift of child. Sri Sai’s whole life was filled with incidents of fostering spiritual awakening, human oneness and unity within India.
5. Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh (1883) (Baijnath Mahadev Temple)
When British Lt. Colonel Martin was delayed in Afghanisthan in 1879 with no news of his safety, his wife prayed to Lord Shiva at this temple for his safe return. A letter from Martin informed her that Lord Shiva appeared as a tribal warrior or yogi armed with Trishul (trident) and saved the British officer Martin from being killed by Afghans just when his wife finished a 11-day long chanting of Rudra Mantras with priests in this temple praying for his safe return. This temple was fully renovated by them in 1883 and is the only Hindu temple in India rebuilt or renovated by the British.
6. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (2005) (Sri Rudreshwar Mahadev Shiva Temple)
The Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple at Gangeshpur locality in Varanasi was built by Noor Fatima, a devout Muslim widow and practicing lawyer. She said that Lord Shiva had appeared in her dream and instructed her to construct a temple for Him. This temple was constructed in just three months with full support of both Hindu and Muslim leaders and communities in Varanasi and opened to devotees for worship in March 2005.

When we fall, we have to rise again and walk. When something we had built collapses, we have to rebuild it. In times of success and of failure, we need the spirit of renewal. The Upanishads provide to us the deepest insight into this matter by revealing to us our "undying, indestructible, old-and-yet-ever-new" true nature. The "who am I?" inquiry has the power to remove all the debilitating notions that we may have of ourselves. The "wisdom of the overself," as Paul Brunton called it, gives a magical touch to the "self" even as it tends to sink in despair.

Really, you never die! You are eternal, timeless, old-yet-new.Nothing can happen to you even when a lot happens to your personality! mriyate.. nityah shāshvatah purānah .| na hanyate hanyamāne sharire - (Kathopanishad 1.2.18)

 My observations
The same mantra is repeated as sloka in Bhagavd GitaChapter 2-20. Gita is not a battle-field instant document as many think but a compendium of philosophic thoughts contained in Upanishads with main focus on Katha and Svethasavatara. It was originally Yogopanishad. Please go through my detailed discourse.  The physical body is compared to a cage, a vehicle, an abode, as well as garment of the subtle body that needs to be changed frequently. Death is a separation of the subtle body from physical body. The living entity is a traveler. Death is not the end of the journey of living entity. Death is like a rest area where Jiva changes vehicles, and the journey continues. Therefore one should not fear death but prepare for the next journey better prepared. Life is continuous endless. Inevitable death is not the end of life; it is only an end of a perishable body.   Ending or shortening this journey happily and comfortably purely depend  on us. To be or not to be is in our own hands. That happy ending lands you in Sat-Chit-Anada. (Truth-Eternity-Bliss). Let us try to make the journey progressively comfortable and end with everlasting happiness! We do not need so many rest intervals to reach our destination living in Jet Age. For that you need to be rich. But that rich is not money but Jnaana. Please listen to the wisdom thoughts  of Webinar.
"Mrityor maa amritam gamaya"—Lead me from death to Immortality(to end the journey)
October 21 2016

I am happy to bring to your kind notice the up-coming exciting event at The Hindu Ganesha Temple in Nashville. Initially our Founding fathers consecrated very popular Bala Murgan and worshiped him so far at Kindergarten level copying India. Hindus in India feel religion is more needed at kid level and in the process they too remain at that level and once they reach adult level resign to Law of Karma and feel temple is more for socializing and they have plenty of births and children to enjoy to get liberation.  Hope they will be back in USA too! In order to awaken the Hindu American crowd  drawn from multi-traditions and multi-nationals from this casual to serious level  our temple authorities have decided to upgrade Bala Murugan to adult Subhrammanya  and not Subramaniyan   and want to see him as a matured  married person. So these deities are consecrated and his wedding also simultaneously celebrated though his actual wedding took place on the most auspicious day in the year Phalgun Uttara. Srirama not only married on this day but also chose this day to march his army of monkeys and bears to Thiruppullni from Kishkinda. With this authorities hope to attract Hindus of North Indian origin who do not know him at all and also Bengalis who know his visit once a year along with his spinsters Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati on Durgashtami Day. With this they hope to relieve the boredom of Lone Tamils on all Skanda Shasti days each month in Ganesha Temple.  Skanda left his parents frustrated after killing Tarakasura to Southern Hills in India as Ucchishta Ganapati, a created brother by magicby his parents, was too much pampered and he was asked to teach the Spirituals where he   had to vacate  Surapadma  and settle down and so North Indians never found him. I hope we will see his marriage again on Panguni Uttiram Day. But there is a problem as too many weddings took place on that day including Sundareswara and Srirama and we not have enough priests!
Worship of Murugan and his consorts, Valli and Devayanai, is popular among the people of South India. There are many legends surrounding the birth and life of Murugan, and of his consorts. The most popular one is in Tamil version of Skanda Purana called the Kanda Purana, the magnum opus of Kachiappa Sivachariar, who lived some 1,000 years ago in Kanchipuram.
Indra propitiated Siva for assistance to alleviate the suffering of Devas from the demon Soorapadman.  (Ramayana says it is Tarakasura).  As the time for the annihilation of the demon draws near, Siva decides to create a being out of his own prowess for this purpose. Murugan is born of the third eye of Siva. Lord Vishnu visits Kailasa and is impressed by child Murugan. Legend has it that two tear drops emerging from Vishnu’s eyes got transformed into the celestial damsels, Amritavalli and Sundaravalli.  Both of them desired to marry Murugan and they were born as Deivanai and Valli respectively. This is a good compromise between Siva and Vishnu pleasing to all traditions. You know also Siva married Mohini and from them Aiyappan was born.
Deivanai is adopted by Indra and probably renamed her as Deva Sena. After Murugan vanquishes Soorapadman and brings peace to the celestial beings and the univers; Indra is grateful to him and offers Deivanai in marriage. The wedding takes place in Tiruparunkundram, near Madurai, in the traditional manner according to Vedic rites. Valli is adopted by a hunter’s family and grows up as a Murugan devotee. Murugan comes as a hunter to woo Valli when she guards the fields. He then comes in the guise of an old man and marries her after revealing his identity. (Hindus like these tricks of the devatas like Hanuman appearing as young, adult and old man as per demand).
This wedding shows that God does not make any distinction between humble folk and the elite.  We come across many such stories in Puranas.  He loves both equally. Lord Subrahmanya was   Devasenapati, and a true leader of the society as commander-in-chief. He has to feed the people well and protect them well too. As a true leader of society he espouses agriculture and industry on the one hand marrying a tribal woman and the armed forces on the other as the son-in-law of Devendra, to develop the society and protect it. The three fundamental forces that make the universe functional are Ichcha Sakti (power of the mind), Kriya Sakti (power of the senses) and Jnana Sakti (power of intellect), say the scriptures. Valli, Deivanai and Muruga represent these respectively.
While India is notable for its great temple complexes, it is important to understand that each of the great temples had their genesis as a small shrine of a rural folk people. Deities like Murugan, Venkateswara and Jagannatha have a tribal background. The Temple tradition was started by simple tribal folks who started putting an enclosure around a natural object they worshiped and where they congregated to perform worships and rituals.  But we complicated it. Our customs and practices today, both at home and in the community, distinctly reveal our tribal background. Especially our religious assumptions and aspirations, however concealed by layers of modernity, hearken to the tribal moorings. Murugan is said to have been married to a forest maid Valli-amma. The peacock is his carrier mount. His temples are usually found on hill-tops. All these facts indicate that he was a sylvan deity with serpent-worship and tree-worship and so more popular with the lower strata of society. Now all sections of Hinduism have accepted him and venerate him identifying him with Kartrikeya,   celebrated in Ramayana. In Kukke Subramanya in Karnataka he is worshiped in the form of a snake living in an ant-hill under a tree.   Thus this deity carries the history and development of Hindu Temple Traditions.
 October 14, 2016

It is not a secret that all our transactions in the world are possible only when we have the necessary strength. In the endeavors of worldly or other worldly gains, a person requires to attain external arrangements and inner abilities. But when it comes to Self-knowledge, the inner strength is the most important. External arrangements are also required, but it will become meaningful only if a person has inner strength. 

This discussion will focus on the issue of gathering that inner strength in the light of 2 verses from Bhagwad Gita viz 4.34 and 4.39 - Antaranga Sadhana for the inner knowledge.

-indriyasyendriyasyārthe rāgadveshau vyavasthitau |
-tayorna vashamāgacchetau hyasya paripanthinau || 4:34

-āvrtam jnānametena jnānino nityavairinā |
-kāmarupena kaunteya dushpurenānalena ca|| 4:39

 My Observations

Here is a practical discourse as to how to overcome Raaga  and Dveasha (lust and hatered) our arch enemies in life to attain salvation. Do we have to renounce the world and run to Himalayas?: Swamiji says No. Incidentally there is a mistake. These slokas are from Chapter III of Bhagavad Gita Karma Yoga--The Yoga of Action and not Chapter IV.
Indriyasyendriyasyārthe rāgadveshau vyavasthitau |
-tayorna vashamāgacchetau hyasya paripanthinau || 3:34
 Likes and Dislikes (Raaga and Dvesha) for the sense objects remain in the senses. One should not come under the control of these two, because they are the two major stumbling blocks, indeed, on one’s path of self-realization.
 The practice of Self-transformation becomes very easy. Enjoyable and spontaneous, when the mind is tuned to the serenity of the Divine. This is what Patanjali’s Yogasastra recommends. We have to progressively train the body, then mind and then the spirit through Sadhana, and not like what Western philosophy teaches that we need divine intervention to improve our mind and body. YMCA motto is Loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of helping people grow in spirit, mind and body. One need not have to withdraw from the world in order to make the spiritual advancement. Keep an eye on Nivritti Maarga while enjoying Pravritti Maarga.
 -āvrtam jnānametena jnānino nityavairinā |
-kāmarupena kaunteya dushpurenānalena ca|| 3:39
Oh Arjuna! Self-knowledge (Brhama-Jnaana) becomes covered by this insatiable fire of lust, the eternal enemy of the wise.
[Lust (kaama) and Self-knowledge (brahma-Jnaana) are eternal enemies of each other. Lust can be destroyed only by the Self-knowledge]
One should act with a sense of duty without being governed by personal likes and dislikes. Karma-Yoga by proper Saadhana is the only austerity and penance in this age by which anyone can reach God while living and working in the modern society without going to the mountains and jungles of the Himalayas. One need not be a Sanyasi of saffron robes. Please follow the lecture if you can for more practical wisdom.
October 5 2016

Dussehra is a famous festival for Hindus celebrated after nine sacred night of “Sharad Navratri”. After Navratri, on the tenth day it is Dussehra, which is also known as “Vijayadashami”. This festival is a triumph of good over evil, on this day lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu killed 10-headed demon Ravana and Goddess Durga killed buffalo demon Mahishashur. People from every part of India enjoy Dussehra with great enthusiasm. Hindu festival “Dussehra” is an auspicious day for the people of India. In Bengal, Dussehra is celebrated as an important festival after popular Durga Puja.
In other regional language, Dussehra is called as “Dasara”, “Dashera” or “Dussera”. The meaning of Dussehra in Sanskrit language is “Dasha” (Ten Evils) & “Hara” (Defeat or Remove) i.e. remove the ten bad evils. While Vijayadashami meaning in Sanskrit is “Vijaya” (Victory) + Dashmi (10th Day) thus literally it means Victory on the Dashmi (the 10th day of the Hindu calendar). Other than India, It is also celebrated in other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Japan and Java etc. Many events and fairs are organized in the most of the parts of India during Dussehra festival. Ayudha puja is also one of the rituals, which has been performed on the eighth day in South India about which I discussed in detail.  Ninth Day is Sarasvati Puja. Dussehra is a festival for sacrificing ego, anger & evils and to acquire calm & good behavior.
In the Valmiki Ramayana, there is no mention of worship to Durga Devi by Rama. But, the sage Agastya came to the battle field and suggested Rama to worship Sun-God, Surya to conquer all enemies. (Yuddha kanda sarga 105 of Valmiki Ramayana)
As per Patteeshwaram Ashtabhuja Durga Temple Sthala Purana (local myth), it is noted that the worship of Devi Durga owes its origin to Shree Rama. In the 'Ramayana', as it goes, Rama went to 'Lanka' to rescue his abducted wife, Sita, from the grip of Ravana, the king of the Demons in Lanka. Before starting for his battle with Ravana, Rama wanted the blessings of Devi Durga. He came to know that the Goddess would be pleased only if she is worshipped with one hundred 'Neel Kamal' or blue lotuses. Rama, after travelling the whole world, could gather only ninety nine of them. He finally decided to offer one of his eyes, which resembled blue lotuses. Durga, being pleased with the devotion of Rama, appeared before him and blessed him.
No doubt this story is based on the Ramayana, but does not actually come in the Ramayana text of Valmiki. It is found in various Puranas and other Ramayanas including Bengali Ramayana by Kirtibasi. When Rama was going to cross the ocean, some texts describe that He performed worship of Durga Devi to inform her of His intentions of invading Lanka. The reason for this is that Durga was the protector of Kubera's island of Lanka before it was taken by Ravana. As such, it was proper etiquette for Rama, acting as a human king, to inform Durga Devi that He was about to invade her area of control. In this story, Rama acts as a Yajaman (performer of Yajna), and Brahma acts as a priest who performs the sacrifice to please Durga Devi.
In the Sattvika puranas, the story is described that Rama prays to Durga, and Durga replies, "I am your external shadow energy. Whatever you wish to do, I am your servant." This is along the lines of the text "shrishti-sthiti-pralaya-sadhana-shaktir eka chayeva yasya bhuvanani bibharti durga" found in the scriptures. Durga Devi (Maha Maya) is the shadow energy of Lord Narayana.  
Probal Roy Choudhary, Professor-researcher explained that Bengali Ramayana depicts Rama as performing Durga puja to gain victory over Ravana. Called ‘Akala Bodhana’, reference of Rama’s puja is found in Krittibas Ojha’s Bengali Ramayana. Displaying the Krittibas Ramayan painting depicting the goddess appearing before Rama and saying “You have to perform the worship with 108 lotuses,” the speaker narrated the legend.
=Both the words Akaal and Bodhan are  Sanskritr  words, which are also included in many other Indian languages, including Bengali. The word Akaal means untimed (kaal=time and a=not) and the word Bodhan means worship or invocation. Thus, Akaal Bodhan means worship or invocation of Durga in an uncustomary time. It is given this name since the period of this worship differs from the conventional period, which is during the spring Vasanta Navaratri.
Rama goes to rescue his abducted wife,  Sita, from the grip of Ravana the king of the Demons in Lanka. Before starting for his battle with Ravana, Rama wanted the blessings of Devi Durga. He came to know that the Goddess would be pleased only if she is worshipped with 108 Neel Kamal (blue lotuses). After travelling the whole world, Rama could gather only one hundred and seven of them. He finally decided to offer one of his eyes, which resembled blue lotuses. Durga, being pleased with the devotion of Rama, appeared before him and blessed him. The battle started on the Saptami and Ravana was finally killed on the Sandhikshan (i.e., the crossover period between Ashtami [the next day] and Navami [the day after]).
Ravana was cremated on   Dasami.  Burning of effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Indrajit takes place on this day in the North. The huge idol of Durga is taken to the Ganga on two boats and at a gun salute the boats separate immersing the idol of the goddess. There are no Durga temples in Bengal while the idols are made every year and immersed.  Preferably the idols are made from clay from the Ganga and   the eyes are painted.South Indians start Navaratri with Durga and Bengalis conclude Dussehra with an Immersion ceremony of Durga in sea or running water if they live outside where Ganges does not flow. The significance of Visargen is similar to that of Ganesha, as  I  explained.
What are the Ten Evils?
They are Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attraction), Kama   (Lust), Mada (Over Pride), Maatsarya (Jealousy), Swaartha (Selfishness), Amaanavata (Cruelty), Ahankaara (Ego) and Anyaaya (Injustice). They are the sins people perform in their daily lives and if they are able to overcome these, they achieve moksha (Liberation from Moha. Moksha=Moha+Kshaya) the ultimate victory which brings them closer to their inner self reaching the vicinity of Supreme abode based on its nature of Atman to attain the status of Saalokya, Saameepya or Saayujya Advaitin may not agree. 
A Vedantin goes deeper into Puranaic presentation. Rama is Dasratrhee --the Charioteer; Ravana is the crying BABY prisoned in a chariot of four wheels of Antahkarana (the mind, the Intellect, the consciousness and ego; according to another reckoning: the heart, the soul; the seat of  thought and feelings and the mind and consciousness, the chariot is driven by six horses or shad-ripus--kama, krodha, moha, lobha, mada and matsarya. Rama and Lakshmana may be Paramaatman and Atman (amsa of Paramtman) driving away Maya or cloud around Ravana the crying soul (Ravana means one who always cries). Here is a battle seen on 10th day when Jaya and Vijaya (Ravana and Kumbhakarna) are emancipated and restored back to their position. Usually 10th day is Rathotsava Day in Bramhotsava. Vijaya Dasmi is the emancipation Day or the day of Victory for the soul that gets liberated when Rama assumes his position. We have to connect all these loose ends.                                                                                            --October  2016
Tomorrow, September 21 is International Peace day about which I have talked to you last year. Please go through the message received from Swamiji and als  join the forum for a free Global on line event  moving from dream to vision, and from vision to action.
Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.
The Day’s theme for 2016 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unanimously adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations at an historic summit of the world’s leaders in New York in September 2015. The new ambitious 2030 agenda calls on countries to begin efforts to achieve these goals over the next 15 years. It aims to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.
Sustainability addresses the fundamental needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Modern challenges of poverty, hunger, diminishing natural resources, water scarcity, social inequality, environmental degradation, diseases, corruption, racism and xenophobia, among others, pose challenges for peace and create fertile grounds for conflict. Sustainable development contributes decisively to dissipation and elimination of these causes of conflict and provides the foundation for a lasting peace. Peace, meanwhile, reinforces the conditions for sustainable development and liberates the resources needed for societies to develop and prosper.
On 16 September 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., the Secretary-General celebrated the Day in the Peace Garden at United Nations Headquarters by ringing the Peace Bell and observing a minute of silence. Women Nobel Peace Prize laureates and the United Nations Messengers of Peace were invited to participate in the ceremony. The United Nations Education Outreach Section held a global student video conference on the same day, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., also at United Nations Headquarters.
 "Let us all work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality; to build a greener planet; and to make sure no one is left behind." — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

Lyrics on International Peace Day
From stillness of the serene sky/ 
Touching souls like blowing breeze/
Sun is shining splashing joy/
Stirring hearts to feel inner peace/
Changing colors in serene silence/
Painting pictures of tranquility/
Nature is revealing transcendence/
In universal medium of equanimity/
Mittur Ramprasad
September 20, 2016